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8 Things to consider Before Start Running

Are you a recreational runner? Or have you set certain fitness goals for yourself? No matter what the case, if you have planned to run, you need to realize that it’s not as easy as you think.

Running seems simple but once you start, it’s hard to keep up unless you follow some rules or guidelines.

It’s better to learn some lessons before you involve in this sport to avoid failure, demotivation, and injury. Here’s are 8 guidelines you must consider before you start running:

#1: Don’t Start Out Running

Wait, what? Don’t get confused. If you woke up feeling dizzy, It means you shouldn’t try running even 1 mile on your first day. Start small. Instead, start by walking and gradually move towards running. Your body needs to get familiar with that kind of physical work first.

#2: Eat a Proper Diet

Consider your body a car. The food you eat plays the role of fuel. The best type of fuel is whole food like lean protein, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Along with running, it’s important to eat nutrition and a balanced diet. This will offer you enough strength to perform.

#3: Run With and Without Music

Music offers you all the right motivation to walk. Research says that music might even help you run faster.

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But you don’t always have to turn on music. You can also run without music. It has its own set of benefits. This will improve your awareness. You will be forced to pay attention to the things around you, your footsteps and your breathing. It will be a different kind of experience.

#4: Choose the Right Pair of Shoes

The most important thing you will need when walking is the right pair of shoes. So don’t pick just about any type of shoes for running.

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Go to a running store and ask the staff member to help you pick the shoes according to the shape of your feet. Try a pair on and go on a short walk around the store. If you feel comfortable and the shoes are of the right fit, buy them. Experts suggest getting a size larger than your actual size.

#5: Wear the Right Running Attire

When you pick the running attire, consider comfort, not fashion. Choose a pair of shorts or tights, whatever you are comfortable in. When the temperature drops, don’t forget to layer. You need to keep yourself covered in winter.
A good pair of running shoes is not enough. You need to invest in the right running socks too. These socks are designed for keeping your feet dry, warm and blister-free. Don’t buy socks with toe seams. They can cause blisters. Pick socks with extra padding at the ball of the foot and heel. This will provide you extra warmth and cushioning.

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#6: Give Your Body Time to Recover

Did your first run go well? You must be all amped to go out again, right? That is great but before you attempt your next workout, give your body rest. It is important to have recovery time between your first and second running sessions.
You must also adapt to the demands of your cardiovascular system. Run one day and then rest the next one. If you are a beginner, this will prevent you from getting injured.

#7: Run on the Right Surface

Not many people pay attention to this but the surface matters a lot. It’s best to choose a mix of surfaces. If you are up for fast running then choose the pavement. There will be fewer chances of spraining your ankle. But keep in mind it will be hard on your joints. Choose a payment for running only if you are a light runner.

If you need cushioning, park floor and forest offer soft surfaces. However, you must watch out for rocks and bumps. If you want to train your muscles, choose a sandy surface.


#8: Don’t Forget to Cross-Train

The human heart likes variety. The same goes for types of sports. So don’t just run all the time, cross-train. This will reduce stress on your joints and spine. It will also keep you from getting bored.

Once you think you have become comfortable with running, start cross-training. There must be 1 to 2 workouts that don’t involve running. You can do swimming, yoga, weight lifting and a variety of other exercises for building muscles.

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Cross-training helps prevent injury and increase strength at the same time. It’s like having two options. If you are bored with Apple iPhone you can switch to Samsung. Or, if you something that isn’t offering the speed you want, then you can subscribe to

Prepare yourself by following these guidelines. You will run smoothly and meet your goals at the same time.

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