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Things You May Not Know About Game Development

It is difficult for a modern person to imagine life without mobile games. What else to do on the subway or queue at the hospital, how not to play your favorite game? However, this was not always the case. Today we will tell you about when this industry was born and how it has developed over time. Modern game development company is ready to carry out any task.

Game Development

Creation Of Mobile Games

Although in search of the origins of mobile games you can go back to the very first phones, it really all started in 1997. Finn Taneli Armano created for Nokia, probably still the most famous mobile game in history – Snake. The first device on which you could play it was the Nokia 6110, which sold out in huge numbers. The game has become a real symbol of the entire industry. And even today you can play it on your phone.However, no matter how people fell in love with the “Snake”, technologies continued to improve. And mobile games had to somehow meet the increased demands of the audience.

Second Generation Of Mobile Game Creation

Wireless Application Protocol (or simply WAP) is the technology that first allowed mobile devices to connect to the Internet. This meant that a small web browser could be built into phones. And by connecting it to a server, you could receive data on your phone. The World Wide Web was still in its infancy in 1999, so people quickly fell in love with the monochrome graphics of WAP games.

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In October 1999, Nokia released its first phone with a WAP browser. The Nokia 7100, which has an updated version of the “Snake”. In 2003, the company decided to close the gap between phones and consoles with the release of N-Gage. The first console phone on which you could not only play really high-quality games. But also do it together from a distance. Despite the fact that the device was not very successful, it marked the beginning of a new era of mobile gaming.

Developing Mobile Games For The iPhone

Phones like the BlackBerry and Nokia5 began to hit the market, bringing with them 3D graphics, sophisticated interfaces, and extensive networking capabilities. Soon, mobile games became not only fun, but spectacular. But that really changed in 2007 when Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone onstage at the Macworld Conference & Expo in San Francisco.

The touchscreen has allowed mobile gaming to rise to unprecedented heights with motion control capabilities. However, not only this, but also the improved graphics. As well as the connection to the Internet made mobile games a full-fledged competitor to consoles and PCs. The advent of smartphones has become a pivotal moment in the history of mobile gaming. Now everyone could feel like a gamer, and that was just the beginning from

Game Development for iPhone

Revolutionizing iOS Games: Building the App Store

Probably the main factor in the success of the iPhone as a mobile platform has become the App Store. After its release in 2008, users could download any game imaginable to their phone. Some games were free, some were a little more expensive. But somehow the App Store gave us the opportunity to play thousands of all kinds of games from classics like Space Invaders to franchises like Fifa. Do you want to be on this list too?

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The arrival of the App Store was a pivotal milestone not only for big studios. But also it’s for independent developers like the creators of Doodle Jump, Angry Birds and Temple Run. It gives them the opportunity to show their games to the masses. Apple’s success inspired its competitors too, and in 2008 Google made the Android Market for games. And Microsoft joined them in 2010 to create storage for their Windows Phone.

However, in the next decade, the prices of mobile games began to fall. As users increasingly hesitated to pay $ 10 for obscure games. This led to the emergence and unprecedented popularity of freemium games, that is, games in which the free version coexisted with the fully functional paid version. Developers that put their games on the top of free apps have started to receive several million dollars a day from users willing to pay for additional gaming features. Big studios also realized what was happening and started releasing freemium versions of their games.

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