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Tips to design logo instantly

A logo for your band is an essential tool for brand building. It not only lets your fans identify you and your work but also acts as something palpable for them.

If you’re starting your career into a music band or have already started, get benefit from having an aesthetically designed band logo. Band logos should be attractive enough to entice the target audience.

But what are the tips for designing such logos?

Here are some surefire tips to help you design an instantly recognizable band logo that will match your music band’s brand personality:

1. Look for some iconic logos for inspiration

Knowing about iconic logos will help you create a logo for your band. You can look at those logos for design traits and apply them to your own band logo. Remember, copying concepts or too many elements of a logo can land your legal consequences. It’s an infringement on a trademark.

So be careful, inspect logos for inspiration only while creating a striking logo.

2. Research some competitors’ logo

If you’re out of inspiration, clueless how to start with your logo project, you should research similar band’s logos for inspiration. Scrutinize them, and you’ll definitely get some ideas of how to get started and what elements you should include in your logo. Never ever copy anyone’s art and pass it off as your own design. Try to look for bands that play a similar style of music. Let’s say, for example, if you play in a country band, you shouldn’t search for heavy metal bands.

You may find a common theme, which you can use in your own band logo. For example, typical hard rock bands use icons such as skull, sword, heart, snake, etc.

3. Identify the design elements that would best fit your band.

Before you start designing your brand logo, deciding design elements is crucial. While some band logos have only their names in an appealing font, some use initials of their names, and some use an image.

For example, bands that use their names as the logo are — Metallica, Anthrax, and AC/DC. And bands that use an image only, not even a single letter, are — The Grateful Dead, The Rolling Stones, and Weezer, etc.

4. Ask for feedback

Eventually, who is your band for? Of course, for your target audience, right?

So, it’s inevitable that they love your band logo. That’s why I would advise you to post 2-3 versions of your logo on social media and seek feedback. You can also ask people in a music band and creative works. You might get fantastic feedback from them, which will help you get one that would do wonder for building your band’s brand.

While seeking feedback, explain the sound of the music. Also, ask them if they have any idea or image in their minds. Sometimes, their design ideas can be surprising — you never know. You can also take advice from designers in your locality.

5. What’s the current status of your band? — Think about it

Since the logo is the face of a company, it must be compelling to entice the target audience, and that leaves a good lasting impression their mind. A well-designed logo can work as the most powerful marketing tool, helping reach you to a broader audience base. Your band logo can either make or break your brand’s reputation. So don’t take it casually — pay as much heed as you can.

Final words

You know it very well how important the logo is for your band. Therefore, you should consider logo designing as the first serious step towards your music band career. With plenty of DIY logo creator tools like Designhill etc. at your disposal, you can create a professional band logo on your—no matter whether you’re a designer or not. If you’re running out of time, you should hire a professional designer for your project from these platforms. You can also launch a logo design project on these platforms, in which you shall receive dozens of unique entries from designers from across the globe.

How would you get your band logo or Music Logo—it entirely depends on the factors like your budget and time within which you need it. If you don’t have a budget issue, I would suggest you hire a professional logo designer to work on a one-to-one basis. Else, you can create on your own using a logo maker.

I hope it helps! Cheers!!

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