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Chemical Industry cover over 70,000 products as it meets our basic needs. India is the largest supplier of chemical products. India is the 6th largest producer of chemical products in global market and 3rd largest producer in Asian market. Chemical industries contribute 2.1% to our GDP and 15.95% to Indian manufacturing sector. China, United States, Ireland, Germany and Belgium are the top five country who import chemical products from India.

Now we have a list of companies who has export their chemical product worldwide

  • Aarti industries Ltd.:

It is founded in 1975. Its headquarter is in Mumbai and other 16 manufacturing unit across in India.  it supplies large scale of product like benzene intermediaries, pharmaceuticals, surfactants etc. which helps in global manufacturing market of Dyes, Pigments, Agrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Rubber Chemicals. It exports its cost effective and value added products in 60 different countries. It operated in United states of America, Japan, Europe and India.

  • BASF India Ltd.:

It is founded in 1865. Its headquarter is in Ludwigshafen, Germany. It is the world’s largest chemical company in the world. It has joint venture with 80 other countries and it has a customer across 190 countries. Its business is divided in different segments like chemicals, plastics, performance products, Functional Solution, Agricultural Solutions, and oil and gas. In chemical also it has wide range like solvents, amines, resins, glues, electronic grade chemicals, industrial gases, basic petrochemicals etc. it has listed in many countries’ stock markets like the Frankfurt stock exchange, London stock exchange and Zurich stock exchange. it is most leading chemical supplier in India.

  • GHCL Ltd.:
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GHCL is stands for Gujrat Heavy Chemicals. It was founded in 1983. Its headquarter is in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It manufacture soda ash which is useful in making of soap, detergent, glass, sodium salts and dyes. It also deals with organic and inorganic chemicals.  It also produces sodium Bicarbonate which is an important raw material for cleaning agent, bakery, and pharma etc. It also includes some different products like edible salt, liquid bromine, bromides. It also manufacturer of yarn and home textile products.

       4) Gujarati Alkalies & Chemical Ltd.

GACL is a largest producer of caustic soda in India.  It has also different products like hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, potassium carbonate, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine gas and hydrogen gas. It was founded in has two units and both are situated in Gujarat. It is based in Gujrat only. It is wholly owned company by government of Gujrat. It also manufactures chloromethane, caustic flakes, sodium cyanide and sodium Ferro cyanide. Its products are used in various industries like textiles, pulp and paper, soaps and detergents, petroleum, plastics and fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, plant protection, dyes and dyes intermediates. It exports potassium hydroxide flakes and liquid chlorine to Europe and west Asia. It is also top chemical exporter in India.

      5) India Glycols Ltd.

It is one of the leading manufacturer of glycol, ethoxylates and PEGs, performance chemicals, glycol ethers and acelates, natural gums and potable alcohol. It was founded in 1983. It is the only green petrochemical company of its kind. It produces ethylene oxide, its derivatives and glycols from renewable agricultural resources like lignocellilosic biomass. This plant is situated at uttrakhand. It is the 1st company in the world to produce ethylene oxide and mono ethylene glycol from renewable agro route.

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6) Pidilite Industries Ltd.:

It is an adhesive manufacturing company. It was founded in 1959. Its head quarter is in Mumbai. It also manufactures some consumer products like art materials and stationary, publications, food and fabric care, car products, industrial adhesive, industrial pigments, textile resins and leather chemicals.It markets the Fevicol range of adhesives. It has other brands also like Fevikwik, Dr. Fixit, Roff, Cyclo, Ranipal, Hobby ideas, M-seal and Acron. It is one of the top chemical exporter in India. It has increased its focus on sales, distribution and innovation slowdown in the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods.)

  • Tata Chemicals Ltd.:

It is one of the largest company in India. It works globally in Europe, North America and Africa. It is subsidiary of Tata group of Conglomerates. It was founded In 1938. Its head quarter is in Mumbai. It has manufacture basic chemistry products, consumer products and specialty products. It is world’s third largest producers of soda ash. Its consumer product reaches over 148 million households through its salts, pulses and spices. It covers 80% of India’s districts and impacting over 9 million farmers. Tata salts is 3rd most trusted food brand in economic times survey 2017.

  • UPL Ltd:

United phosphorus Limited is an Indian multinational company which manufactures and markets industrial chemicals, chemical intermediates, agrochemicals and also crop protection solutions. Its headquarter is in Mumbai. It is 5th largest generic agrochemicals company in the world. It has two segments agrochemical products and non-agriculture related products like fungicides, herbicides, insecticide, nutrifeeds. It sales its products over 150+ countries. It is one of the top chemical exporter company of India.

  • Atul Ltd:
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It is known as Atul products. It was founded in 1947. It was 1st private sector industries inaugurated by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. It has produced over 900 products. It is one of greenest chemical complexes in the world. It has collaborated with various companies in the USA, the UK, china, Brazil and UAE. It fulfils the needs of various industries such as an Aerospace, Adhesive, Agriculture, Animal feed, Automobile, Composites, cosmetic, flavour and fragrance, Glass, Home Care, Pharmaceutical, soap and detergents, plastic, Polymers.

  • GFL Ltd.:

Gujrat Fluorochemicals Limited is India’s largest producer of chloromethane, refrigerants and polytetrafluoro ethylene. It was founded in 1987. Its headquarter is in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It has two manufacturing facilities in Gujrat a refrigerate plant at Ranjitnagar and a PTFE facility at Dahej. It includes industrials gases, chemicals, cryogenic engineering, engineering plastics, renewable energy and entertainment. It has network across more than 50 countries. It is a top chemical supplier in India.


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