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Top 4 Characteristics of a Quality School to Keep in Mind Before Applying for a Teaching Job

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If you are thinking of getting a job as a schoolteacher in the top schools in pune, you must know if the school you are applying to for a job is the right one. There are a few ways to know and understand if the school is a quality one and effective. We provide you four characteristics of a good school so that you choose the right school to begin your teaching career with.

  • Behavior of the office staff – the office staff is one of the most important constituents of the school. As soon as you enter the school premises, the office staff greets you. Their behavior, attitude and actions set a role model for the rest of the school. If the staff at the front office is inviting for students, teachers and parents it gives an insight into the customer service values of the school. However, if the behavior of the office staff is unpleasant, doubts arise in the mind of the people if the school as a whole is a good school to teach in or to put your child in it. Look for a school in which the office staff is easily approachable, friendly and helpful.
  • Attitude of the headmaster/headmistress – It is very likely that you will meet the principal before you take a job in the school. The attitude of the principal helps you determine if the school is the right one for you or not. A good principal would be innovative, encouraging and open in his views. His prime focus should be on his student’s well-being and imparting an effective education for their all-round growth and development. The principal should also support the teachers and provide them the training to grow each year. You would be satisfied teaching in a school if the principal appreciates and rewards you for your hard work and sincerity.
  • Mix of old and new teachers – Many people feel that new teachers bring about innovative methods of teaching and can make a big difference to the student’s ability to grasp the lessons. However, old teachers are experienced in handling the affairs of the classroom, even though they might belong to the old school of teaching. A mix of veteran and new teachers can encourage you to learn in a better way and help you grow better as a teacher.
  • No departmental politics – Every school has its share of drama and politics. Teachers may be chosen to attend conferences according to their seniority and experience. Sometimes, the teachers of a certain department like math or science may want more power and a better pay than the other teachers. A quality school will not entertain such differences and prejudices. The aims and functions of each department must work in collaboration to the rest of the school and politics should not be encouraged.

The above features of good schools in pune will help you in choosing the right school in which you can teach and make a bright career.

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