Top 5 Cybersecurity Certifications For Beginners

These days, traffic flow over the cyberspace is increasingly growing at a huge rate as well as the progress of techs and automation, big organizations are going to face cybersecurity threats along with susceptibilities in information security at numerous levels.

Therefore, the organizations need to be prepared for any upcoming threat that is coming towards them. The task of the experts of Cybersecurity is to troubleshoot the affected network design as well as prevents the organizations from future breaches and threats to an information security threat.

Cybersecurity Certification Path – Beginners

When we’re going to give a look at the entry-level cyber security certification and select the best ones for the path of credential, we should consider certain aspects and criteria before we move forward. For the beginners, there is a requirement of a minimum of 2 years’ experience to get the topmost certifications of cybersecurity that cost not more than 390 dollars and it takes only a single exam to accomplish it.

Topmost Cybersecurity Certifications

If a person is a new learner and going to pursue their career in this amazing field of cybersecurity and information-security, then a person should opt these following mentioned five best certifications of Cyber Security. These certifications would assist you to build your career successfully in the industry of Cyber Security. These are mentioned below.

Certified Information-Systems Security-Professional (C-I-S-S-P)

The Certified- Information- Systems- Security- Profession is a high-level certification which is designed for the professionals of IT who have started their careers in the field of information security. This course is offered by the International- Information- Systems- Security- Certification-Consortium (I-S-C.2) and it is a seller neutral credential which is renowned throughout the world for its standards of quality.

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The holders of C-I-S-S-P having the capability to take decisions with professional knowledge and practical skills which are required to generate, provide guidance and handle policies and processes of security in their company.

Microsoft-Technology Associate (M-T-A) Security-Fundamentals

Microsoft-Technology Associate is considered as one of the most known entry-level certifications in this industry. It is designed for the applicants of high school and college, as well as for those individuals who are planning to switch their careers in this field.

This certification distinguishes the knowledge of essential principles of security along with the basic knowledge of software security, network and operating system. On the way to accomplish this certification, a person should have to get into one test and the average cost of this test is around 125.5 dollars.

If you want to increase the probability to accomplish the certification of M-T-A, so here Microsoft is recommending you that on the way to get this, you should have some practical experience in these domains: Firewalls, networking that is based on Windows, Windows Server and some other security-related products.

CompTIA Security+

This certification of CompTIA’s Security+ is considered as a most honorable, seller neutral security cert. The holders of this certification are known as the ones who have great practical skills, thorough knowledge as well as proficiency in numerous domains that are related to security.

CompTIA Security+ is known as entry-level cert; so prosperous applicants must have a minimum of 2 years of working experience in the field of network security. The professionals of Information Technology, who get their selves enrolled for CompTIA certification, having great commands in the domains of security substructure, manage threats, identity management, control in network access, security networks, cryptography, and security risk identification and mitigation. This certification is ratified by the United States.

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Certified Information-Security Manager (C-I-S-M)

The Certified- Information- Security- Manager is considered as an up-most certification for the Information Technology experts. These professionals are accountable to manage, develop and control the systems of information-security in enterprise-level apps, as well as develop top practices of organizational security.

The certification of C-I-S-M was announced for the security experts in the year of 2003, and it was introduced by the Information- Systems- Audit- and Control- Association (I-S-A-C-A).

GIAC – Information-Security Fundamentals (GISF)

This certification enfolds on only one G – I.S.F examination which is quite the same as the CompTIA Security+, however, this is assumed to be quite difficult. Generally, the requirement of the exam of GIAC is that test takers are required to apply their skills of problem-solving as well as knowledge, so it is recommended to get practical experience which can be attained in the period of training or on-the-job. If a person gets a training course in S-A-N-S and after that apply for the exam of GISF, then the average cost would be around 677 dollars.

Get Prepare For Your Exams

On the way to select which cert course would be best suited to you, you should have a thorough knowledge and make efforts to study more and more about them. A great number of test-takers like to utilize a number one study guideline as well as a few of the practice-tests along with flash-cards while preparing you for the exam of certification.


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