Top 5 SEO Strategies to Boost Your Website Ranking

SEO holds an important place in the virtual world for any business irrespective of its size. Unless you rank high in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), you don’t get the required visibility and despite selling the best of products or services, your targeted audience won’t be able to reach you. This ranking is achieved through SEO and all good and professional SEO agencies like to make use of the right SEO strategies to boost the website rankings of their clients.

Here are some of the tested and proven SEO strategies that are used by reputed professionals SEO company.

Make Keyword Picking Strategic

Keywords play an integral part in increasing traffic. The keywords should be picked keeping both Google Analytics and the nature of business or products you are offering in mind. The search algorithms keep modifying the way they make a pick and thus SEO agencies make sure that their keyword picking strategy is modified accordingly. Often the professional agencies work on choosing long tail keywords as they have higher conversion value and then they embed it naturally into the content.

Have Quality Link building

The other important parameter that affects the SERPs is link building. Working on building quality links helps in improving the SERPs as they help in establishing both trust and authority – two of the important parameters that earn some brownie points from search engine algorithms. A word of caution here is that never tempt to buy good quality inbound links but always work towards earning them.

Upload Quality Content

Nothing can beat the value of uploading original, unique, relevant and engaging content. It can be in textual or video format. Of late, videos are becoming preferable as they can engage the audience better and have better receptibility and long-lasting impact. Having said that, textual content has its own pros as that can be consumed anywhere, whereas videos have some limitations when it comes to consumption. 

Whatever content you upload, it should not be sub-par or inappropriate or else it will jeopardize the website rankings. Post only good quality content using crisp and clear language, images, videos etc. Images engage the users better, but poor-quality images can actually harm the ranking rather than improving it. Thus, ensure that you post only quality and properly formatted images. The same goes for videos. It should also incorporate thumbnails and contain titles and metadata that are clickable.

Optimize Your Metadata

Metadata is information about a particular webpage or a website. As it describes what is contained in it, it enables humans as well as machines to understand the content better. This description appears within the header. The metadata provides an opportunity to engage and persuade the users to reach out to you and thus should be used intelligently. The right and actionable key phrases should be included in the metadata. 

In fact, the right combination of metadata should include these three pieces of information: title of the specific page, use of the right key phrases and an apt description of what is contained in that particular page. This description should be written keeping in mind both the searchers and the Google search spiders.

Have Mobile-Friendly Webpages

As smartphone penetration is getting deep, having mobile-friendly web pages is fast becoming an important parameter to look for. There are more than 4 billion mobile users globally who prefer to surf and browse more on their phones and while on the move rather than using a desktop. As Google’s search engines always strive to provide nothing but the best to its users, its algorithm has been modified to provide better rankings to mobile-friendly websites.  

Though having a responsive website is still better as it responds to the size of the browser, it’s expensive to design and might not be a feasible solution for small businesses. A mobile-friendly website, on the other hand, is specifically meant for smaller screens and an economical solution too for providing users with high-quality performance and seamless transactions.

These are a few of the many SEO strategies used by professional SEO company melbourne to boost your website ranking. The SEO strategies and SEO services keep evolving with the changes in search engine algorithms, but some of them discussed here are constant and work as a strong foundation for any SEO strategy.

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