Top 5 travel app development ideas

Whenever there is a holiday, the first thing that comes into our mind is where to travel so that we can spend some quality time with our family and friends.
Earlier, people used to rely a lot on the travel guides or approach the local travel agencies.

These were the primary source of information regarding different travel destinations.

However, in recent times, travel apps have become a lifesaver for many who wish to travel abroad but are finding it difficult to schedule their travel plan, book tickets and hotel rooms.

In India, the travel and tourism industry is booming and it can be confirmed by the huge contribution this industry makes (9.6% of India’s total GDP in 2016) to our economy.

India is the second-highest in terms of total tourism GDP contribution in the Asia Pacific region, just behind China.
This industry also has a huge impact on the creation of jobs (in 2016 more than 25.4 million jobs) both directly as well as indirectly.

Furthermore, this trend is likely to continue and we expect to see millions of people visiting some of the popular tourist destinations of India and abroad in the coming years.

These figures show how big and lucrative this market is and if you are a travel tech start-up looking for a great travel app idea, then you should read this blog to get some inspiration.

Travel app development ideas

1). App for showing interesting places in different cities:

For any layperson who wishes to travel to another city, the first thing he will like to know is the names of all the interesting places there.

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Many cities in India do not have a centralized information desk from where information regarding different places of interest can be gathered in a seamless manner.

Adding recommendations feature, where a user will get suggestions from his/her friends or other experts, regarding new and interesting places to visit is a great idea.
The app user can use the app to search for great restaurants, museums, café, shopping centers, famous places to hang out, which are sometimes quite difficult to find.

You can design the travel app in such a way that it allows the app user to look for different hotel rooms available in a city.

Your travel app should help you to discover the best places in your state, in the country or anywhere else in the world without much hassle.

2). Language translation app:

Another travel app development idea that you can pursue is about creating a language help app. Such an app can help the user to translate multiple languages which they do not speak.

This kind of app can not only translate between the spoken languages, but also the texts.

For example, if you could not understand the signage in a foreign locale, then all you have to do is capture that signage to your on-board camera (in the smartphone). The smart algorithm of the app would then convert it into the text in a different language than you understand. Make sure that this feature can work in offline mode as well.

The reason is if you go to someplace where the Internet connection is very weak, then also the app user can use the app to understand what different texts in that foreign language mean.

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You can also include a feature in that app wherein the user can ask questions when they are shopping in a different city or country.

This will be a great help to them in bargaining for new things so that they can reduce the price.

3). Street guide:

Gone are the days when people who used to travel to other cities used to follow the travel guide maps to navigate the city traffic and reach their desired destination.

Nowadays, the travel app comes with a city map that can be used both online as well as off-line mode too.

This helps the users to get information about some interesting place which they want to visit even when the internet connection is unavailable.

Such an app can use the inbuilt GPS navigation of your smartphone to tell the user where they are, what other places of interest are there around them.

Such an app with real-time traffic information will ensure that the user can avoid traffic jams and make the travel time of those who are driving in a completely new city far easier.

Travel app development

In such an app, the user can find comprehensive details about locations like the addresses, opening hours (of the restaurant, museum, zoo et cetera) and any other sport where they wish to hang out.

4). App for booking hotel rooms:

You can also develop a travel app that would help the user to not only find but also book accommodation where the user is planning to travel.

This travel app will make the experience of travelling to a new city much easier.
It should allow the traveller to find a hotel quickly and compare the prices charged by that hotel for a room with other nearby hotels.

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This will allow him/her to make an informed choice regarding which hotel room to book.

Such an app should allow the user to search for hotels, motels, vacation rentals and other properties that can be booked for a short duration.

The app should have multiple filters that will help the app user to look for hotel rooms based on the number of beds available, price and others.

Your app should have a payment facility so that the user can directly book and pay for a hotel room through the app itself.

5). Information about local public transportation:

For any traveller, one of the things that can make his travelling costs cheaper is availing the local transport system.

You can develop an app that would share information regarding the local public transportation regarding their routes, fares, and timings.

This will allow the app user to quickly find the nearest station, bus stop, the place from where he or she can hire a bike, get a share cab and so on.

To do this, you must do thorough research regarding the local public transportation of different cities and then put this data in your app.

Make sure to regularly update this information so that the app user gets the most relevant information regarding public transportation in any city through your app.

These are just some of the best travel app ideas which you can use for your start-up travel app development.

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