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Top 7 Advantages Of Using Porcelain Paving

There was a time in history when we did not have enough choices to make when it came to the interior or exterior flooring. The clay and wood bricks were used in that period. But as technology kept invading societies in so many ways, it also made a leap in the field of flooring.

The ceramic tiles were invented, but they were also not considered a great choice. Then the invention of porcelain happened, which changed everything around. This invention gave more beauty and quality to outdoor paving slabs and indoor flooring, as porcelain was more superb and tougher in use as compared to various other materials.

If you are looking to find an answer for your next construction project, whether porcelain paving should be used or not, then here are top 7 reasons to explain, why you must go with porcelain paving:

1. Capacity To Handle Wear & Tears

If porcelain is compared with ceramics, it is evident that porcelain is more tough and rough, especially when it comes to sustaining extreme weather conditions. Porcelain is also better at handling the load of traffic. The paving material used in porcelain is not only durable, but it is also compact to decorate different exterior spaces.

No matter you live in a hot region, or you are dealing with extremely cold weather, porcelain will be able to sustain in both conditions without showing any wear & tears. Many other tiles tend to get cracked in conditions such as frost conditions, but the porcelain can sustain that too.

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2. Great Versatility And Options

The beauty of porcelain paving is that it not only great in its versatility, but it is also wonderful in terms of providing a range of options. The users can have a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors as per their choice. The outdoor surfaces and walkways can get a beautiful and versatile look with a variety of designs provided by porcelain paving. The users can also customize their options as per their requirements.

3. Porcelain Can Resist Stains

The wine or water spills is a common thing to happen in daily life, but if you have used grey porcelain paving in your home or office, then there is no need to worry about any spills. The water or any other liquid cannot put stains on the floor because porcelain is impassable. You can take a piece of cloth or tissue to clean the stain, or you can clean it with water. There is no need to use any detergent or any other chemical to remove stains from porcelain paving.

4. Ability To Resist Moisture Penetration

There are so many ceramics, such as porous ceramic, which cannot resist water. But here is another great advantage of using porcelain paving. Porcelain can easily resist water because it is less porous in nature. The water cannot penetrate under the surface, where porcelain paving has been used.

If there is a rainy season coming around, but you do not have to worry about rains as porcelain paving will resist all kinds of dampening and moisture penetration. So, you can stay tension free from moisture if you have used porcelain paving.

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5. A Safe Choice For Exterior Paving

The surfaces used with porcelain paving are skid-resistant, especially when there is an application of coarse finishing. If there are any wet prone areas such as a swimming pool, the porcelain paving can help to keep safe from any small or big accidents. The exterior areas can be prone to wet conditions due to rains, and porcelain will help in keeping exterior paving safe and secure.

There are various fire-resistant materials, which are used in the construction industry and the great advantage of porcelain is that it is also fire and heat resistant. So, you can use it in kitchen areas without any worries.

6. Easy To Maintain, Wash And Clean

We have mentioned earlier that porcelain is great to resist moisture and water penetration, so when you will have to wash and clean any porcelain surface, you can do it easily. The dirt cannot stay longer on the porcelain so you can also maintain surfaces more easily without having any stains.

The porcelain tiles can look clean and dirt free if you wash it every week, or even after two weeks by using amazingly simple water. If any tile is damaged, then you can easily replace it with a new one without doing the resurface of the whole floor.

7. Lighter In Weight But Can Handle Heavy Traffic Load

The natural stones are durable and compact, but they are also heavier in weight. The good thing about porcelain is that it is lighter in weight, but it comes with all the properties of natural stones. That is why it can be used at public places, and if its installation is done properly, it can handle any kind of traffic load without getting damaged.

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