Top Attractive Tourist Places To Visit in Singapore 

The former “Fishing Village” is now the “City of Exploration” which has also been described as a playground of the rich men. There is no other incredible place like Singapore which is located just in the southern tip of Malaysia. Malaysia by the name itself is a beautiful, vibrant city. 

This place has an extremely aesthetic blend of Malaysian, Chinese, English and Arabic culture which makes this place incredible. Singapore has blended the culture of English, Chinese, Malaysia, and Arab with its own Singaporean twist. If one plans to visit Singapore then he must not miss the delightful culinary of Singapore. 

The nightlife in Singapore and the standard of living is unexpectedly amazing here and everyone who stays here fascinated by the life it offers. 

What can you Expect in Singapore?

Singapore sums up a lot of Asian cultures together, as we always mentioned. You must know some interesting facts about Singapore, those have been listed below.

Language Known: Most of the residents of Singapore are bilingual. English is most known along with Mandarine, Tamil or Malay. 

Currency Used: $1US dollar can bring you $1.33 Singaporean dollar. 

While you make a budget for your trip make sure you keep enough money because Singapore is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. This vacation would be must costlier than any other vacation place on earth. You can expect to spend quite a lot in Singapore which is similar to any European country. 

You must carry your cash and the card with you so that you never lack money while you are in Singapore. 

Weather in Singapore: The weather in Singapore is fairly the same throughout the year. The overall temperature is 24-degree Celcius to 32 degrees Celcius throughout the year. The level of Humidity is high mostly. 

How to Commute in Singapore?

Singapore is quite a small place compared to many other places in the world but it has a lot of things to be seen here. The neighbourhoods of Singapore are nice and are must be seen type places that must not be missed such as Marina Bay, Chinatown, Financial district, etc. 

Public Transport in Singapore: The Mass Rapid Transit is an easy way to get a trip of entire Singapore. The usual price of the ticket is very cheap, although it depends on where you go. There is also a facility of tourist pass which you must avail of if you planning to take a tour of the entire place. This pass gives you unlimited passes for travelling in many places. 

Taxi in Singapore: Grab is a popular app in Singapore which calls you a taxi to roam all about Singapore. 

Things To Do in Singapore

When you are planning to visit Singapore, you must also know about which are the places you can visit in Singapore. Make a plan before you visit the places in Singapore, and also plan how to go about your plan. Here we have listed some of the things to do Singapore while you are in a visit there and they are the following: 

Super-Tree Grove Light Show

The light show at the SuperTree Grove is just mesmerizing, in Singapore. If you visit Singapore then you must visit this place. This show is also known as Garden Rhapsody, which is held in the Gardens by the Bay every evening.  The futuristic-looking Marina Bay SuperTrees or “mushrooms” are lighted up in fabulous ways on the rhythm of the music. 

Must-Know: This show is held twice a day, 7:45 pm and 8:15 pm and this show go on for 15 mins each time it starts in the garden. 

Water Show and Spectra Light

This is a singing fountain with different kinds of light and it makes a beautiful view to see a Spectra Light and Water show. This is a great sight in Singapore nights, which not only gives a nice visual but also a great feel of the water and the fresh air. 

Must-Know: You must know the showtime of the Water Show and the Spectra Light. The showtime: Saturday to Thursday – 8 pm to 9 pm. While on the other days the show is held thrice which is 8 pm, 9 pm, 10 pm.

The Cloud Forest

This most magical and jaw-dropping location in Singapore is the Cloud Forest in Singapore. This cloud forest concept is of Singapore all alone, which includes planted waterfalls, artificially planted walls. It is a must-visit in Singapore, even if you have very little time to visit this place, you must. 

Must-Know: You must have 2 hours in hand when you visit this place, plus this place is a little chilly to keep in mind to wear something little warm because you might feel cold. 

Haw Par Villa

If you are ready to see some strange things then you must visit this magical villa. This is one of the world’s weirdest theme parks depicting scenes from Chinese folklore with the use of over 1000 statues. The most unexpected item in this park is the “10 Courts of Hell” which depicts all the punishment that is held in hell. 

Must-Know: This place has to be visited with at least 2-3 hours time in hand. Apart from that this place has a free entry free. 

Universal Studios

This place is one of the largest places of attraction in Singapore, which no-one would like to miss if they are in Singapore. This is a family location in Singapore, you can go with your family and enjoy Universal Studios, there are several rides. 

Must-Know: Before you get the tickets of the Universal studio, you must know the offers that are available on the tickets of the Universal Studio. 

There are plenty of other amusing places in Singapore, but if you have very little time in hand then you must visit these places which I have already mentioned here. These places are worth a visit and must try all that is available in the above places. 

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