Top 8 Best Sites to Download English Songs Free

Are you looking for good websites to download free English songs? There are actually tons of free music download sites where you will be able to find high quality english mp3 songs free downloads for free, which is why I made a blog for your information.

My list of free music download sites will makes it really easy to find all of these sites to download songs legally without spending a cent.

Best Websites to Download English Songs for Free In 2020

1. Internet Archive

Internet Archive

At the top of this list, we have Internet Archive as the best website to download English songs. Internet Archive has an extensive database with both English and international songs. There is a very useful search bar on the homepage to help you find out your keyword number. From old songs to the latest releases, from highest rated to very popular, all songs are accessible through Internet Archive. Moreover, the user interface of this website is clear and simple. You can search not only for songs, but also for artists, albums, eBooks and Texts, etc. Once you find the song you were looking for, you can easily download it because music are sorted by VIEWS, TITLE, DATE PUBLISHED, and CREATOR.

Visit https://arcive.org

2. Last FM

Last FM

Last fm is a perfect destination for English song lovers who want to download free English songs. Last fm is a great website designed exclusively for English song lovers. The website is very well categorized in all kinds of English songs, music albums, latest songs, best of the month and so on.

Aside from browsing songs through these categories, you can also search for your desired song using the search option in the top right corner of the page. In addition, the Last fm website has all the features that make it the best site to download English songs. Some of the other features include frequent updates to the website, easy download option, speed and user-friendly interface. All in all, Last FM is a good option when it comes to a reliable platform to download English songs and it is worth trying.

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Visit https://last.fm/music

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3. My Free MP3

My Free Mp3

My Free MP3 is yet another English song download site for mobile. If you are looking for good websites to download songs in decent quality then myfreemp3 is a great resource to get english mp3 songs free download in good quality. On this platform you will meet some of the new and talented artists. Here you can listen to songs from artists from all over the world and that is best.

Here you can search, browse and listen to all kinds of English songs. You can easily search for your favorite artists and songs and this website will play songs for you for free. You can also search by genre such as hip hop, jazz etc. Generally you will love this one.

Visit https://myfreemp3v.com

4. Mp3juices English Songs

MP3Juices cc English songs

If you are looking for best English songs download free sites, Mp3juices is yet another website for downloading English songs. It is a popular music platform that combines the different music services and offers you music on one platform. The Mp3juices.cc is freely accessible and has an intuitive design. Mp3juices not only allows you to listen online and download songs, but you can also search for your favorite song by the artists. It is, of course, a great platform for english music lovers.

To know the exact offer of the website, you should visit Mp3juices.cc yourself and view the extensive features of the website.

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Visit https://www.mp3juices.cc

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5. SoundCloud

English songs SoundCloud

The next best website that allows downloading English songs is SoundCloud. All music officially published online is on the SoundCloud. It is one of the most popular names in the only music streaming industry and needs no introduction at all.

SoundCloud is one of the most beautiful and advanced English music websites that is feature-rich and has a large music library to choose from. You can search for your favorite songs on SoundCloud based on the song’s name or artist.

In addition, you are also recommended for the new hits every week on SoundCloud, which allows you to keep track of the new music releases. Moreover, SoundCloud also contains the top tracks from different categories like Chill, Party, Relax, Stud, Workout, Sleep etc. Besides that, SoundCloud also offers the different playlists like New & hot, Top 50, and so on. Personally, I would recommend sound Cloud to people looking for English songs mp3 download sites.

Visit https://soundcloud.com

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6. Bee MP3

BeeMp3 English Songs

BeeMP3 is also a leading website to download English MP3 songs. You get a huge library with millions of songs to choose from.
Search your favorite songs from different categories and genres or simply enter the name of the song in the search bar. One thing that is best about this website is that it gives you several options to download the songs alphabetically from the song to the artist song and it will be a great experience for you.

Visit http://beemp3s.org/

7. Songs Lover

Song Lover English Songs
Second to the last website to download English songs that is worth trying on our is called Song Lover. It is a very popular music directory with millions of songs in the database. The website comes with advanced search options and different categories to search for your favorite songs.

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The search option in the top right corner allows you to search for your favorite songs online, listen to them or download them as needed. Or you can also browse the songs alphabetically by the artists or by their genres.

Visit https://songslover.cam/

8. Mp3Box

Mp3Box is also considered to be one of the best websites to download english songs where you get many features and options for easy searching and downloading the songs. It is a free website to download the English mp3 songs.
You can download the songs and listen to them online, but what’s even more impressive is that you can watch live performances by the artists. What more could a music lover want from an English song download site! It’s a music lover’s dream to listen to the latest songs from their favorite artist and if they can watch their live performances online it’s like someone opened the gates of heaven. This website is definitely worth a visit!

Visit http://mp3box.to/


Now that you have found a few good websites that can provide you with best English songs for free, what you need to do is to try to visit them and enjoy whole lot of mp3 song downloads. Note that some sites may cost you some bucks, while some don’t. That is why you need to try out each site and determine what site is better than the other. The most important thing that you need to do is just to compare the prices for each site. The best way to make sure you get the best deal is to compare each site to the other. That way, you will always be able to find the best site to download English songs free.


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