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Top DIY Toothpaste Hack for 2020 You Probably Dont Know About

Top DIY Toothpaste Hack for 2020 You Probably Dont Know About Well To some it’s nothing new why to so many others it’s weird to know the few problems toothpaste Hack could solve.
Toothpaste is one of those items we’ve been using our entire lives to help keep our teeth clean and cavity-free. But like many items in our home, it has more than one intended use.
prepare to be intrigued by our list of toothpaste hacks – some of them will really surprise you!



DIY Toothpaste Hack

clean your phone screen and remove minor scratches with some toothpaste.

Keeping your smartphone screen spotless is somewhat difficult but when it needs a good cleaning, try toothpaste. Just like cleaning mirrors, spread a thin amount of toothpaste to your smartphone screen and wipe it off gently with a tissue or damp cloth. You’ll want to ensure that your phone is water resistant or waterproof before trying this toothpaste hack.

Revive white shoes

White trainers may seem like a good idea at the time, but a few trips outside will make you think twice about your recent purchase!
If your trainers have white rubber trims that have become discoloured over time, grab some white toothpaste (no colours or gels) and apply directly to the dirty area with a cloth.
Buff and rinse thoroughly to reveal whiter looking shoes.

Remove onion smells from your hands with toothpaste.

Cooking with onions is healthy and while they make our breath smell like onions, our hands may also smell too if we have to chop onions. Ever notice even washing your hands with soap doesn’t remove the onion smell? Instead, try rubbing your hands with toothpaste like you would with soap and rinse your hands. The onion smell should be gone and your hands will smell minty fresh!

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Whiten a keyboard (DIY Toothpaste Hack)

If you have an Apple product or any other white keyboard, you can clean it using toothpaste. Disconnect it and apply a small glob of white toothpaste to a cloth and gently buff each key. Stubborn stains should lift and your keyboard will appear brighter.

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Remove Permanent Marker

Accidental permanent marker stains happen all the time, but toothpaste can save the day! Apply a bit of toothpaste to the mark, then use a damp cloth to rub the paste into the stain. Then rinse the cloth clean and wipe up the toothpaste, and the stain will be gone! This trick works on walls, wood floors, and even TVs

Fix Small Scratches With Toothpaste

You can use toothpaste to remove small scratches from CDs, DVDs, and even your smartphone screen. Apply a tiny bit of toothpaste to the scratch with a soft cloth, then gently rub it in using circular motions. (Don’t rub too hard, or you could remove the protective coating.) Wipe the paste away with a soft, slightly damp cloth.

Seal an envelope with toothpaste.

If the thought of licking envelopes makes you sick, you can seal them by placing a tiny dab of toothpaste on your finger and applying it across the envelope opening. While this hack received a thumb down and didn’t really seal the envelope properly, it may ultimately work if the envelope has a chance to dry.
stick photos on the wall with toothpaste.
While using double-stick tape is probably the most secure method, you can stick photos on the wall with toothpaste and avoid damaging your walls in the process. Once the toothpaste dries, it will feel more secure and the photo can easily be removed at any time if needed.

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Clean coins with toothpaste.

While there are several methods to clean old coins, toothpaste is definitely the easiest but it does involve a little more elbow grease. Simply add a generous amount of toothpaste to a cup of water and stir until dissolved. Then, drop your coins into the solution and let them soak for at least 15 minutes. Using a toothbrush, give them a final scrub to remove stubborn stains. They should look much better than before and as an added bonus, they’ll smell minty fresh!
squeeze the last bit of toothpaste out of the tube by using a syringe.
While this hack gets a big thumb down from Wengie, it certainly does look like more trouble than it worth. If you still want to attempt, simply squeeze the remaining toothpaste into a syringe to make it easier to dispense the remaining toothpaste.

De-gunk your Iron Toothpaste Hack

Is your iron no longer smooth and spotless? Gunk on an iron will not only hamper its effectiveness but could also stain clothes.
Gel toothpaste acts as the perfect mild abrasive for removing the gunk found on a well-used iron. Apply a layer to your iron, scrub off with a clean rag and rinse well.

Prevent foggy goggles

Here’s another weird toothpaste hack for swimmers!
If you apply a thin layer of toothpaste your swimming, woodwork, ski or scuba goggles then wipe clean, it should help prevent them from fogging up

make fun stress balls with balloons and toothpaste.

For DIY toothpaste hack, you’ll need to balloons and a tube of toothpaste. Just secure your balloon over the tip of your toothpaste tube and squeeze toothpaste into the balloon until full. Tie it off when done and you’ll have a DIY stress ball. To make it even more fun, cut holes in a second balloon and place the first balloon into the balloon you just cut. This makes a unique stress ball that will have you squeezing just for fun.

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What else can you use toothpaste for?

There are probably other toothpaste can be used for but we gave a good list on the few of them we think might be useful on your day to day activities


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