Top Equipment for Playing Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is one of the famous games that are played in different parts of the world. Just like any other game, it is also comprised of various types of equipment that are required to prevent any severe injury. Moreover, as of the intense nature of the game, you can’t take the risk of playing without essential safety gear.
The article features most of the ice hockey equipment that you need to wear while playing the game.

Top 10 Ice Hockey Equipment:

Neck Guard

A neck guard is an essential gear for the skater that is comprised of nylon plates for puncture resistance. Its tear-resistant mesh covers the outside cover from compromising while the padding offers comfort for the player.

And not just for skaters, a goalie requires a neck protector that hangs under the face mask. It helps significantly in reducing the chances of potential injury to the neck by a hockey puck or skate blade.

Shoulder Pads.

Shoulder Pads
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Shoulder pads in a game of ice hockey are meant to protect the ribs, spine, and shoulders against flying pucks. It also works best to minimize the chances of injury that could be caused by collision with other players in the game.

A hockey shoulder pad is made up of padded vest, which is equipped with both front and back panels. It is also comprised of a Velcro strap for closure and hard-shelled shoulder caps. Although some of this equipment might not be required for recreational leagues, these are always worn by players during games.

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Elbow Pads

The sudden impact of the puck to your elbow is enough to cause a fracture. An elbow pad protects your forearms and triceps against the possible impact of a puck. It also strengthens your elbow cup, preventing the chances of injury to the elbow joints and arm bones against bruises.

Although elbow pads do not have the option of external addition that covers the entire upper, most of the elbow pads are equipped with Velco straps and modifiable.

Hockey Jersey

Generally, a hockey jersey is color-coded and also numbered differently for player identification. The basic idea behind its usage is to differentiate two teams. It is primarily used in higher skill level games and may have multiple jersey styles for different venues.

In bigger tournaments and major league, a “fight strap” is often used to connect the jerseys to the inside of the pant. It prevents a player from pulling the jersey over their opponent’s head in an occasional fight.
The conventional ice hockey jerseys are used to be more prominent in size, roughly square, and often made with limited elastic fabric as compared to today’s jerseys.

Hockey Gloves

ockey gloves

A hockey glove is made out of a thin layer of leather palms and fingers. The inside of a glove has substantially more padding on the outside of the finger. Moreover, the structure of the gloves for the thumb is constructed in a way to prevent it from bending back.


A jockstrap is a protective cup that is designed to protect the private part of the body. These jockstraps are consists of a strap that fits perfectly around the area and prevent the possible chances of sliding off during a game. Some jock strap comes with built-in garter belts that allow a player to wear long socks along with it.
Today, these jockstraps come in the form of athlete shorts that helps to position the cup more effectively without possible slippage.

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A garter is an essential equipment that helps in holding up the hockey socks. It can be defined as an elastic band that goes around the vest and contains several straps that go down to the front & back side of the socks.

You can get different hockey pants and jockstraps with built-in garters that grab and hold the sock.

Shin Guards

A shin guard is one of the necessary equipment of the game, which is made up of a hard plastic shell. It works great in protecting against the occasional impact of the pucks and also protects the knee joint and frontal bones from hard contacts with sticks and skates.

Always make sure that the shin guard that you are using shouldn’t be too long, or else it might slip down into the skate creating a hindrance in the movement of the ankle. You can refer to a shin guard size scale that can you can get in a sports equipment store to get the perfect fit.

Mouth Guard

Lack of reliable safety gear was the reason why you might have found various hockey players with missing teeth in the earlier times. A mouth guard works best in keeping your teeth intact after a forceful impact of a puck or a possible collision with other players.

You can get a different variety of standard plastic guards with moldable compounds that make speaking a lot easier. It also softens the accidental blows at the face and prevents jaw fractures.

Hockey Puck

Ice hockey stick

It is a vulcanized rubber disk that weighs around 170 grams. Just like football in soccer, a puck determines the result of the game and the team who lands it maximum times in the opponent’s goal, wins the contest.

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Hockey Stick

Ice hockey sticks came in assortments of size & length and made up of both wood and plastic. The modern-day hockey sticks are made up of graphite, which possesses a precise flex pattern. It allows more accuracy and power when hitting the puck.

Ice skates

Ice skates are made up of a rigid shell that fits correctly using memory foam. To prevent the chances of skate blades accidentally cutting through, it reinforced with metal mesh. Exterior holders, interior boot, and detachable blade are three different components of an ice skate.


Before buying all the equipment for ice hockey, you need to try them at least once. It will give you an idea of what fits you & what doesn’t. You will only be able to focus on the game correctly when you don’t have to think about your safety.

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