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Top Five Construction Project Management Software in 2020

Construction project management software is a specially designed application for managing, scheduling, and monitoring construction projects for a wide range of sectors like residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, environmental, and more. The complexities and diversities of a construction project have made it imperative for construction businesses to thrive on construction management software for effective budget management, efficient job scheduling, informed decision making, and improved team collaboration to attain their objectives successfully.


Though this technology has still not witnessed widespread usage, the ones using it have gained tremendously in terms of improved operation and project success. For those, who are seeking for the right software as per their business model and are contemplating various choices, this blog may serve helpful.

Top construction management software:

Discussed below are the features of top five construction project management software in 2020 based on user reviews and ratings:

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One of the leading cloud-based construction asset management tool in the market that helps in effective tracking of tools and equipment, scheduled maintenance of tasks and resources, inventory management, smart reporting and much more. 

Its top features include:

  1. Inventory Lifecycle Management
  • A top-notch asset management tool right from the procurement to retirement with streamlined tracking of purchase orders, stock, costs, and depreciation.
  • Serves as a single platform for keeping track of every kind of asset right from consumable stock to high-lass fixed assets. Manage assets from procurement to retirement by tracking POs, depreciation, stock, and lifetime costs. 
  1. Barcode, QR code, and RFID tags
  • Its barcode, QR code and RFID tags scanning help in keeping huge volumes of tools and equipment under constant check at different job sites.
  • It helps in instantly searching and locating an item whenever needed.
  1. Bundles and Carts 
  • It enables matching up equipment and tools as per the need of the project. 
  • This smoothens the workflow and saves time in finding the right tool.
  1. Reporting
  • Generate reports on the utilization schedule of tools and equipment.
  • The availability calendar helps in checking the availability of items to plan tasks accordingly and arrange for exhausting resources.
  1. Setting up schedules services 
  • Enables routine scheduling of maintenance of tools to improve their shelf life.
  1. Document manager
  • Serves as a database system to manage all important documents ranging from invoices to legal documents in a single platform.
  1. Pricing
  • Essential: $35 per month
  • Advance: $45 per month
  • Premium: $50 per month
  • Enterprise with customized features: Price depends on features


Smartsheet is an end-to-end construction project management software for managing a diverse range of projects irrespective of the size of the concern. A favorite among many big construction companies across the globe for the following useful features:

  1. Project Scheduling
  • Its smart project scheduling feature ensures every task is sequenced keeping in mind the best interest of the deadlines. 
  • Helps team members stay focused on their tasks and timeline throughout the life of the project.
  1. Resource management
  • Its accurate resource management functionality helps in an efficient allocation of resources, provides reports on resource utilization and non-availability of vital resources.
  1. Budget Management
  • Helps in keeping a check on project budgets by providing real-time insights into the actual project spend compared to planned budgets to work out on correcting deviations.
  1. Easy to use
  • Smartsheet is a smart project and resource management software with a user-friendly interface. Its automated features make it quite easy for new users to adopt and start working with it in no time.
  • Reduces duplicity in work and performs mundane routine works without human intervention.
  1. Pricing
  • Individual: $14 per month
  • Business: $25 per month
  • Enterprise with customized features: Price depends on features

Co Construct

A web-based construction project management software, which helps builders and construction companies in effectively managing their day-to-day tasks. It helps managers in tackling every obstacle in project management with accurate budgeting, effective scheduling, activity planning, and client collaboration.

Its main features include the following:

  1. Flexibility
  • It lets users handle and manage different project types to suit the varied needs of customers instead of focusing on a fixed prototype of a project or activity.
  • Products and tasks can be made open for client revisions and can be customized multiple times.
  1. Centralized platform
  • It serves as a centralized platform for managers, employees and other team members to control all tasks and processes related to the project including orders, budgets, resource allocation and more.
  1. Integrations
  • It allows integration with accounting software and resolves issues of dual recording between software and spreadsheets.
  • Helps in the management of proposals, estimates, biddings, and overall budgeting.
  • Merges all your financial data in one platform providing a single source of information, whenever required.
  1. Client collaboration
  • It enhances client collaboration by featuring a client portal on the software. The client portal facilitates all communication with the client relating to bidding, approvals, orders, project progress, changing requirements and more.
  1. Pricing
  • Core: $199 per month
  • Standard: $249 per month
  • Plus: $299 per month


A complete cloud-based construction project management software for excellent project management, resource allocation, and financial planning using the latest web technologies. It has gained global popularity for possessing the following set of features:

  1. Centralized platform
  • It serves as a centralized platform with information on all devices, applications, and resources to ensure effective communication between all.
  • With a dashboard reporting on every vital detail, the task of scheduling and streamlining project operations become easier.
  1. Flexible
  • Perfect for maintaining all kinds of construction projects, be it residential, commercial, industrial, educational, and so on.
  • Its flexibility also allows users to make unlimited changes to the project to deliver the best results to customers.
  1. Customized software
  • A feature, seldom found in other software, is that the provider designs different software versions to suit the business model of a company. The providers run a critical assessment of their clients to have an understanding of their work attitude. Based on the assessment, special features are added to the software to make it more personalized.
  1. Intuitive features
  • The easy-to-use features and functionalities make it simple for users to adapt to in less time and thus ensure widespread adoption throughout the organization and all its offices.
  1. Collaborative
  • It allows collaboration with all unlimited users without charging any additional cost on extra users. All the stakeholders including vendors, suppliers, clients, sub-contractors can work through a common portal to have better collaboration.
  1. Integration
  • Allows integration with other software systems including accounting software, reporting software, storage software, and more.
  1. Pricing
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Comes in the following three packages:

  • Project Management: $375 per month
  • Project management and Financial management: $549 per month
  • Customized Package: Price depends on the features


Buildertrend is a cloud-based construction project management software for effectively managing and execute multiple projects with reduced costs and maximum profitability with added features of project scheduling, task management, budgeting, communication, and more.

Let us have a glimpse as it features:

  1. Lead management tool
  • The lead management tool helps users in identifying potential leads, monitor them and convert them into clients.
  1. Bid Requests
  • Facilitates creating and comparing bid requests, which can be saved in the system and sent directly to leads.
  • It also allows emails, texts, and push notifications to be sent to leads for notifying them about bid requests.
  • Automatic reminders about bid requests sent to clients once the users set a reminder for the same.
  1. Enhanced collaboration and communication
  • The software possesses commenting and messaging features, which facilitates fast and easy communication between every user within the system.
  1. Project management
  • A complete project management solution with excellent time tracking and scheduling features that keep everything on track.
  • Unlimited storage and sharing of important documents between users on a click of a button
  1. Real-time analytics and reporting
  • Real-time analytics provide insights into the progress of every task, and resource utilization to the users, thus keeping everyone abreast of the up to the minute changes.
  1. Financial module
  • Its in-built financial module assists in scheduling and processing of payment requests, managing purchase orders, vouchers, job costing, and other financial processes. 
  • This accuracy of the financial tool helps detailed recording of every minute thing to include everything till the last penny. 

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  1. Customer Management
  • Its customer manager features help you stay connected with clients and keep them updated with every progress made on their projects. 
  • It helps in building transparency and customer trust.
  1. Pricing
  • Core: $299 per month
  • Pro: $499 per month
  • Premium with customized features: Price depends on features

Checklist for choosing the right construction project management software:

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Given below is a brief checklist to be considered before picking a software tool:

  1. The software should be easy to use and operate.
  2. It should possess real-time analytics and reporting features.
  3. It should allow integrations with other software systems.
  4. It should be a cloud-based tool with mobile access unless your organization prefers an on premise one.
  5. Does the price justify the features?
  6. How cooperative are the providers? Are they providing training for its implementation?
  7. Does the software support flexible projects and outflows?

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