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Top Skills for Java Developers

Who is a Java Developer? Job Description

A Java programmer is a developer who writes program code in the Java language Also Known As a Java Developers, implements it into ready-made products, tests and fixes errors in the operation of programs and services – in general, helps clients make their programs and applications more functional and useful.

Java Developer

Java programmers are most often attracted to work with ready-made products. They have to interact with other developers, company staff and directly with the client. To understand the structure of applications, he needs to know other programming languages, be able to work with various engines, and have a lot of Java development skills.

Java build tools

Java build tools are used by developers to automate source code applications. To finish tasks, they select from a variety of Java technologies. The following are some examples of Java development tools:

  • Bazel
  • CMake
  • Gradle
  • Apache
  • Nexus
  • Sonatype

Big data

Java is used by developers to create stacks for the massive quantities of data saved in cloud-based systems. Big data platforms Spark and Hadoop should be known to Java developers.

Java Virtual Machine

Java programmers utilize this abstract machine to load, execute, and check code, as well as to create a runtime environment. If you know the JVM well, you can design both durable and highperformance Java applications, which is precisely what Rockstar Java engineers do.

You should also learn how to analyze your Java application and discover performance bottlenecks, such as which objects use the most memory and CPU time.

If you’re serious about becoming a great Java developer, you’ll need to spend some time learning how the JVM works. That is, you must understand the components and how they function.

You should be able to create strong but highperformance Java programs if you have a thorough understanding of the JVM. Do what all excellent coders do, in other words.

You should also learn how to profile your Java apps and locate performance bottlenecks as part of this (for example, find which objects are taking up most of your memory and eating up CPU).

Web technologies

A web developer should be able to communicate from one computer system to another using a markup language such as CSS, HTML, or JQuery.

Spring framework

For the modern Java developer, learning the Spring framework is almost a must. This is due to the fact that many companies prefer to develop using Spring frameworks (Spring MVC, Spring Boot and Spring Cloud).

Also, using these frameworks assumes the application of best practices such as dependency injection, and makes your applications more testable, which is one of the main requirements for modern software.


It’s a different language from JetBrains, the company behind IntelliJ IDEA, and it’s also the official Android language. That is, learning Kotlin will help you not only improve your productivity, but also get you into the realm of Android development.


The architecture is constantly changing. Many companies are moving from monolithic applications to microservices.

So now is the time for Java developers to embrace microservices architecture and learn how to build microservices in Java to take full advantage of the current trend.

Fortunately, the Spring framework offers Spring Cloud and Spring Boot, which greatly simplify the development of microservices in Java.

This is the main Java developer job description. There are many nuances and difficulties here. But hard work, desire and study will help you cope with this and become a successful developer. Do you need a professional Web and mobile development company?

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