Transforming Platforms for GMAT Learning

The education in the modern era has been spread to online coaching with the help of swift internet facilities available. Along with the traditional methods of teaching in the classroom, online tutorials have been an effective method. Students today have many online learning options to choose from thus providing great global exposure. One can avail courses from all over the world enhancing virtual communication and cross-cultural understanding. One of the most adapted online courses is GMAT. GMAT covers writing, quantitative, analytical, verbal and reading skills required for CAT in entrance to graduate management courses. Best GMAT online coaching covers all the topics explained by tutors along with the daily ppt’s and assignments from previous examinations.

The GMAT course consists of four sections which are explained below.

Analytical writing assessment- This consists of a 30-minute task in which the student has to analyze the given argument or statement and has to write about it. The score meter is from 0 to 6 which is provided dually. The writing is marked based on analysis of the topic, organization of the ideas, and synchronization of the same.

Integrated reasoning section- This section consists of 12 questions in four different formats which are categorized as table analysis, multi-source reasoning, two-part analysis, and interpretation of graphics. It scales from a score of 1 to 8.

Quantitative section- This section measures one’s ability to solve quantitative problems, analyze the information provided and interpret graphical data. It consists of questions related to geometry, algebra, and arithmetic. This further is divided into two categories: problem-solving and data sufficiency.

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Verbal section- It includes reading critical reasoning, comprehension, and sentence correction. The question type is in the form of MCQ. It tests the ability to analyze and test communication and grammar skills in the form of sentence correction questions.

The features which make the online coaching a convenient option for learners are-

A large number of tutors- Mentors from almost every corner of the world is available to showcase their personalized and specialized educational skills. The large number of tutors helps to reach masses, therefore, making it convenient for every keen person to learn the subject.

Smart learning platform- the concept enrichment programs are available from time to time in form audio-visual presentations and lectures. Virtual presentations are also taken from every student at the end of the week.

Improved exposure to experienced circle- online learning helps to meet thousands of people of the same interest which could be of great help in setting the career goals. Time to time webinars by experts and award winners are organized to bring more clarity.

Personalized doubt sessions- personal assistance is available for every student over the phone or the Skype calls.

Online coaching especially for the management courses has brought wonders to the education system of the country. Time and location is no more a constraint in the process of learning. Customized tests and assignments are also made available to the particular interest of the students. The 24*7 availability of the rich content brings flexibility in terms of time management of the learner.


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