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Must Know Travel Toiletry Bags for Students in 2020

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If you are still wondering which toiletry bag to choose, then we have found the answer to your question. The model offered by the Travel Earth brand caught our attention for several reasons.

First, it is a compact, waterproof and designer toiletry bag. Its available colors, black or gray, give this vanity model a modern and elegant look that will perfectly adapt to men and women. In addition, thanks to its 29x22x14cm dimensions, you can take your toiletry bag in your checked baggage or in your cabin luggage.

In terms of organization, this model has a removable divider, allowing you to store your belongings carefully, an essential asset when traveling as a couple and you want to divide the storage space in 2! It also has many pockets and elastic bands to hold all the toiletries and its hook will allow you to hang it wherever you want.

Finally, the quality toiletry bag comes with a kit of filling bottles approved for travel in the cabin. As per this website “https://thebuyerstrend.com/” kit for filling have utmost importance for travelers, especially for college students who love to explore the world. Let’s check below must know travel toiletry bags for students, which must be in your mind in 2020.

  1. The Novago Foldable Model

The designer toiletry bag offered by Novago will greatly facilitate your travels. Light, compact but with plenty of storage and pockets, all your belongings can be stored without moving.

You will no longer need to search for the product among all the rest. In addition, you can hang your vanity case with the hook.

From a quality point of view, this model is designed in water-resistant nylon and several colors are available. Similarly in terms of price, there is frankly nothing to complain about, less than $25 with free delivery for this practical travel accessory.

  1. Reisenthel Model

The Reisenthel large travel case is a very practical model. If you are looking for a model that is not bulky while remaining aesthetic, here it is!

This cheap and original vanity case is ideal when we tend to want to take everything (excess products to realize that we will ultimately not need them…).

A solid attachment hook is integrated. You can store your travel essential there because lots of storage are available with a lot of small pockets. It is also a resistant toilet bag available in several styles

  1. Sumnacon

The Sumnacon waterproof vanity case is a model fitted with various compartments and of good quality. It is a spacious model with several colors available and it is designed in polyester. We like its original opening at the front and on the side as well as its square format.

  1. The Foregoer Travel Vanity

The Foregoer model has a large capacity. You can store your toiletries and small personal effects there for family travel or for work. It is designed in water-resistant nylon and has a discreet metal hook for storage when you arrive at your destination or for storage at home.

In addition, several zipped pockets are offered inside as well as insertion pockets allowing even more efficient storage. The zipped and transparent interior pocket is water resistant. Also, the side pockets arranged on the sides with elastic are ideal for carrying toothbrushes, makeup brushes and other products.

  1. The FLEXI Travando t- shirt

This model has a practical hook. It is an expensive and waterproof toilet bag that you can hang everywhere. The front pocket is transparent for storing a special aircraft set.

You will appreciate the two mesh pockets as well as the possibility of being able to detach your toiletries. In addition, the compartments offer an ideal storage space to place all your products for traveling well equipped.

It is a high-end toilet bag designed in Germany promising durability and efficiency combined with a remarkable design. Several colors are available. In addition, you can also use it as a sports bag or simply store it in your high-end but cheaper cabin suitcase.



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