Types of Hair Transplant- Know which one is right for you

Types of Hair Transplant: Nearly 80% of the masses experience intense hair fall after the age of 50 commonly noticed among men. However, severe hair fall among young individuals is due to Hereditary (known as the most common cause of hair fall) and hormonal conditions while aspects like stress and medications can add to hair loss. Even too much of hairstyling and hair coloring can be a cause of hair loss. At the stage where hair fall goes to extreme .prevention is not possible which leaves with hair restoration methods. There are tons of hair restoration medication, creams, and lotion and what not claiming re-growth of hair, which might also affect but that is also temporary. However, the most promising method of hair restoration is a hair transplant.

Hair transplant is the procedure of re-growing hair on your scalp. This works by removing grafts and follicles from the back of the head that are more resistant to hormonal changes.

Types of Hair Transplant

A hair transplant is possible through two methods, the follicular unit (FUT) and the Follicular unit (FUE). Scroll to know if a laser hair transplant in lahore lasts long.

FUT Procedure:

FUT implies that you remove a strip of skin from the donor site, usually the back of your neck, where you obviously have less hair and less vulnerable to balding. This skin is separated and prepared for transplant by small groups of tissue containing hair follicles. During this phase, small holes are made in the recipients’ site, where you are diluted or tampered. The tags are then put on the receiving site individually.

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FUE Procedure:

To extract follicles from the donor region, the surgeon will use a tiny pounding device. While this is also creating scarring, it may be less noticeable and the person usually does not need stitches.

FUT vs FUE – Know which one is right for you

Benefits of FUT over FUE:

One of FUT’s major benefits over FUE is the possibility to transplant large numbers of follicle units in one session. The highest number of follicle units transmitted during FUE treatment is approximately 2,000. A FUT, however, can entail 4,000 follicle units being transferred. Thus saving half of your number of sessions that are required for FUE, and so becoming more cost-friendly than FUE.

You’re the right candidate for this procedure

If you don’t mind stitches and long cuts after the surgery and want hair regrowth in one sitting without much wait. People usually with baldness go for this procedure to get to the results fast.

Benefits of FUE over FUT:

One of the two main advantages of FUE is that it creates a natural hairline. This procedure, unlike FUT, does not involve removing the tissue strip from the back of the head, but removes individual hair follicles directly from the scalp and positions them on the recipient site in a small incision. While FUT doesn’t give you a natural look, it also, Depending on the number of grafts put, FUT may take many hours and there can be no way of preventing horizontal scar across the back of the head. This incision is prominent during healing and during recovery, the patients must take responsibility for both the linear Incision at the rear of the head and the recipient’s sites. FUE, on the other hand, takes more time in procedure but is successful in preventing any after- surgery discomfort to the patient.

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You’re the right candidate for this procedure

If you don’t mind the time and cost effort it takes to regrow natural hair. Also if you want fast recovery time and want to avoid stitches. People who do not have complete baldness have hair on some of the parts of their scalp opt this.

Hair Transplant

Which Procedure gives most results:

Both of the procedures give you equal results just with the difference in time taken and lasts for the same amount of time. Some people go for multiple sessions of hair transplants for long-lasting and desired results. For FUE the surgeon needs to have enough experience in specifically FUE procedure.

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Hair transplant for most cases has proved to be successful with growing very thick hair later. But hair thinning can be experienced after some while. For longer-lasting results, people may require follow-up transplants.

The Bottom Line

You by now must know which procedure suits you best but before taking any of the surgery into consideration make sure you get it done from a certified surgeon. Don’t fall for cheap hair transplants procedures and neither blindly trust any surgeon for hair transplant, no matter how expensive it sounds. Expensive doesn’t mean it’s reliable either. Sadly, there are 10 that do nothing but suck up your bank account and give false hope in every successful option on the market.

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