My Experience with United Airlines Cancellation Policy

I remember when last December I was making United Airlines reservations for my procrastinated vacation until I had to cancel it. I am a very introvert person and

have few friends but very genuine ones. And the reason for canceling my tickets was a close of mine as I saw a message popped up on my phone saying “I am getting married”. John has always been making impulsive decisions throughout his life.

At first, I thought it was a joke until I called him up and confirmed it was true. Yes, my childhood friend was getting married which makes it clear that had procrastinated my much-awaited vacation once more. But at that moment I jumped in joy and ran to his house to know every single bit after all that’s what friends do.

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I totally forgot about the tickets and left my laptop open and realized about the reservations when I entered my room in the evening. Though I was excited about my friend’s wedding but, I equally wanted to explore Hungary (my dream destination). I went to the official website of United Airlines and looked for the United Airlines Cancellation Policy.

Once I went through the policy, I was thankful that it had not been 24 hours from my time of purchase. Read the following to know the reason behind my happiness:

  • As per United Airlines Cancellation Policy, the passengers who want to cancel their flight within 24 hours of the purchase were not applicable for any cancellation charge, phew.
  • The airline offered a full refund for my tickets because of the same reason but I had to fill the refund request form on the official website of United Airlines.
  • I was glad to know that the amount will be credited to the same credit automatically with which I made the transaction while making the reservation.
  • The amount was credited in my account within 15 days which made the process quite convenient.
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I am glad that the airlines also provide a refund in some other cases as well. Though some amount of cancellation fee is deducted from the refunded amount which can be noted from the United Airlines Cancellation Policy section of the official website of the airline.

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