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How to Choose and Configure a Universal Remote Control

Universal remote control – a device designed to provide maximum comfort. Losing the TV remote is not a problem because you can buy a universal remote control at any time and connect all the necessary equipment to the TV, such as TV, air conditioning, etc. Universal Remote Control and all feature

Characteristics of a Universal Remote Control:

In terms of basic settings, universal remote controls are no different from regular TV remote controls. Both devices have a set of buttons for changing channels, adjusting the volume, timer, etc. For universal remotes, you can use the same batteries as standard batteries.

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The main difference between traditional remotes and universal remotes is that universal devices can be used for different devices at the same time.

  1. The first advantage is that with a universal remote control, you can control theatres, air conditioners, televisions and any other device that provides remote control, as well as change the internal settings for cable or satellite TV.
  2. The other advantage of this unit is its price. Buying it is much easier or cheaper than finding a replacement for the original model in case it gets lost. In addition, the purchase of this unit is the only option to replace the remote control for old televisions because replacement panels have not been made for them.

How to Choose:

To choose the right remote, imagine what you want from the device. Based on these requirements, the following criteria can be distinguished: accuracy, reliability and ease of use.

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Work Efficiency:

The first and most important selection criterion is the remote control’s clear and precise response to user commands. No matter how complicated the process, each action must be performed at the touch of a button: the volume must be adjusted as quickly and clearly as an action from the system menu. As per the work efficiency, Philips universal remote Cl035a is the best example of it with having all the desired features.


Almost every civilized person on our planet likes to relax in front of the screen, which means that a universal remote will be used every day, so the other important criterion for choosing a remote is the quality of the product itself.


The third important criterion is the general comfort provided by the use of the device. The device should fit comfortably in your hands; the buttons must be placed so that each button can be reached quickly. The concept of comfort is the personality of each person.


Almost all remote controls have standard shapes and color palettes within their brand.

Of course, you can try to find a control panel with an abnormal shape or color or paint it yourself, and if the new design does not interfere with the operation of the device, you can accept any kind of a design solution.

How to Setup:

The steps to connect your device to your TV are standard:

  • Turn on the remote control and point it at the TV.
  • Press the OK or SET button (the name of the button varies depending on the model) and hold for 3 to 5 seconds.
  • Enter the TV code.
  • Press the TV button to make sure the connection is established.
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If the results after these operations are not obtained, the results must be repeated with a different unit code.


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