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Six Fun Things to Do in Annapolis Maryland in 2020

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America is a storehouse of many beautiful places. Annapolis Maryland is one of them. In spite of being such a beautiful place, only a few people know about it. It can be due to the fact that it shares its border with some of the worldwide known places like Baltimore and Washington D.C.

It is true that Annapolis Maryland is a small city as compared to that of Baltimore but it can not be denied that this place has some of the amazing things to do. This place has witnessed many important dates of American history. And some of the remnants of the can still seem in Annapolis Maryland.

There are many things to do in Maryland. Visiting ancient historical monuments, walking through a historic wine tasting, or sailing at the Chesapeake Bay, are only the highlights of all the treasure that Annapolis holds within itself.

Let’s have a look at some of the favourite ways to spend time in Maryland.

  • Take a trolly tour

Annapolis is a great place that you can enjoy while taking a steady stroll down the street. But this enjoyment can be doubled if you hop on one of the trollies that Annapolis has to offer.

The guide will give you a tour of the whole Annapolis with the 350 years of history down the road. It will be like you are actually reliving the moments of the ancient Annapolis Maryland.

On the tour, you will see a lot of Annapolis tourist attractions. The Victorian house, Severen river, and colonial mansion are just the highlights of the tour.

  • Vist paca house

If you have learned American history then you must have come across a name called Willian Paca. Yes, this house belongs to Paca who was one of the four signers of the declaration of Independence.

This estate was built around the late 1760s, but still, this building stands firm and serves as one of the most visited places in Annapolis.

This house has been renovated with the ancient artwork to make it look as it was in its 1760s. The two-acre formal garden is the main source of attraction for this house and serves as a great place to take a stroll on a nice day.

  • Spend some time in the statehouse

Annapolis State House is located at the heart of Annapolis Maryland. It is the oldest building in Annapolis that still stands firm. This building is still being used as a legislative building.

This building is not important solely for the fact that it is one of the oldest buildings out there but because this place was once the capital of America in 1783-1784 and has also seen some of the major events of that era.

The Maryland State House is the place where Wahington resigned as the commander of the continental army and it is also the place where the treaty of Paris was ratified.

Today, you can visit this place and can experience the feel of the ancient era.

  • Enjoy the services of the waterfront hotel

Annapolis may be famous for its docks and all, but you will surprise to hear that there is only one waterfront Hotel in the Annapolis Maryland, Annapolis Waterfront hotel. It is a part of Marriott’s collection that brings out true elegance.

The whole hotel is divided into two. Upstairs, the rooms are created sophistically to match the outer beauty and downstairs, have all sections of the famous restaurants.

  • Take a stroll at the city docks

If you really want to relax your legs and want to enjoy something soothing, then Annapolis city dock might be the best place for you. As the city dock is a place where the fellow captains meet together to show off their boating skills to each other. The dock is locally known as the Ego alley. And by now you must have guessed why it is called so.

You will abe to see different kinds of boats racing against each other, people showing their boating skill. The environment out there is total joy. The best time to visit the Ego alley is during the mid-day or in the evening. I Personally recommend the evening time, as you will also be able to enjoy the majestic setting sun.

  • Tour at the naval academy

One of the most famous and visited sites in Annapolis is the Naval academy. It is a 90 minutes tour guide that will take you to some of the most intriguing sites on the main campus.

The tour includes the gym area of the navy where new recruits learn the navy custom training in a hard way, athletic hall of fame her names of the famous navy graduates are imprinted, and the dorm where all the navy soldiers are kept in their training phases.

You will also able to see some of the naval ships that were once active in the past. It is a total delight. The Naval academy will give you non stop 90 minutes of enjoyment.

The Final Note

Annapolis is a historical ground that has seen the declaration of independence, the Treaty of Paris, and the resignation of the Commander in Chief Washington D.C. No matter how you see it, you can not deny the fact that Annapolis Maryland is a great place to spend your vacation and to come face to face with ancient American history.

Author Bio: Evanka Smith is a freelance content writer and enthusiastic blogger. She is the co-founder of dreamandtravel. She contributes to many authority blogs such as Content Rally.

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