Top 7 Types Of Wedding Rings For Men In 2020

When the word ‘engagement’ is heard, what do you first think of? A sparkly,  bridal engagement ring. However, in today’s world men are also opting for engagement rings, this all is because of the increase in gay marriages and proposing a woman. For this, we are selling men’s engagement rings. According to a survey couples who got engaged in the years between 1995-2004, 2% of the women were proposed by the men. But in the years between 2005-2014, 5% of women were proposed.

Considering this increasing rate of proposals to women, we came up with different types of engagement rings for men. Apart from the hit gold wedding rings for men, the following wedding bands have also found popularity in the market:

1. The Golden Ring

The gold ring is the most usual ring with plain yellow/white color and is usually considered the traditional form of the wedding ring. These rings gained popularity because of its simple and practical style. They are still commonly worn by people throughout the world. The most common in gold is mens gold wedding bands.

2.Fingerprint Ring

The fingerprint ring is one of the hottest trends in today’s market. Customers can freely customize their rings without paying any amount of money. Just like your fingerprint is unique, so make your ring unique, get it customized by engraving your fingerprint on the wedding band.

Have you ever thought there can be this type of ring too? A fingerprint ring is a great way to announce your love to the world. In this ring, you have to take a fingerprint of your love partner and engrave it on the ring. Wearing this ring you will always be with your partner. You can either choose to have a fingerprint inside of the ring or outside of the ring.

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3.The Classic Ring

The classic engagement ring is always going to be the best option for men. They are available in any size, metal, coating, etc. It is one of the best options for men because it is super affordable, comfortable and precious.

If you are worried that your ring is timeless, you can choose a ring with a simple style. Classic engagement rings have simple details with a traditional band and metal type. Designs that have yellow gold, a basket setting or a traditional Round Brilliant stone captures the timelessness of a truly classic style.

4.Diamond Ring

Diamond rings are not common, they are just beautiful. A diamond engagement ring is a symbol of confidence for a woman, it represents that couples are in a committed relationship. It also proves the world that she is very important to you in your life.

All of our diamond jewelry is made of gem-grade diamonds that are used for making fine jewelry and engagement rings. The engagement ring is made up of crystallized carbon that has the unique quality of reflecting light.

In many cases, the ring is the meaning of love and commitment between two people. Engagement and wedding rings, gold are traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because it was once believed that a vein connected this finger directly to the heart

5. Platinum Ring

Platinum is one of the best metal in the world. It is the rarest metal available and is quite expensive. Platinum is white mirror-like metal and years ago was the most popular metal for jewelry. In the late 90s, it was again considered as one of the most popular metals for the wedding band.

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Its high price makes it more luxurious metal for choice. Platinum is the strongest precious metal as compared to other metals. It is good for regular wear and is more durable than the rest of the metals If your band has regular wear and tear than platinum is the best option and investment to go with. There is no chance of platinum to fade. So you can enjoy its original shine over the years.

6. Silver Rings

Silver rings are the most well-known metal and are super affordable. They are the most inexpensive metal available throughout the world.

Being affordable there are some disadvantages of silver. Silver requires high maintenance, over a period of time it starts to deface. Therefore, it requires a lot of care. Silver is the best option for those who have a tight budget. However, it has some resemblance with the white gold. Having a silver will help you to look high-fi with a small budget.

7. Tungsten Rings

Tungsten is one of the precious metals. It is highly durable from scratches. It is one of the best options for men who have more use of their hands. In fact, this metal never defaces that is why it is loved by so many men having a low budget.

Tungsten wedding bands can be seen in white, grey and black with other creative patterns of wood, etc. One thing to make sure is that its size cannot be changed. So select size properly before purchasing.


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