Nowadays, owning a second home is the dream of many people. After Covid hit the world, awareness has grown of how important it is to own a beautiful and comfortable place to spend time alone or with loved ones. Making the purchase of a second home is the perfect way to temporarily interrupt your everyday routine or to keep up with it in a different and lovely place surrounded by beauty.

Today, you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to deciding where your dream house should be located: you could buy a house in a sunny and warm place, or hidden between mountains. You could opt for a beach house or for a quiet cabin in the woods, the choice is up to you. Also, nowadays over 90% of the people who want to buy a second house abroad use the web to find the best property for their tastes and needs.

 Owning a Second Home

As a matter of fact, the Internet is now the most used tool for finding useful news and information about countries and their real estate markets. For instance, you could easily search for real estate in Lake Como Italy from the comfort of your home. If you’re planning to buy a second house keep reading: in the following paragraph, we’ll show you a list of all the advantages that you can derive from this choice.

You can have a beautiful house for all of your holidays

If you opt the purchase a second home in a beautiful and picturesque spot of the world, for example in Como, you’ll always have an amazing place for you and your family to spend your holidays. Also, if by chance you, your family were to find yourselves short of money for a nice vacation, you would always have a good backup plan.

Thanks to remote working, you can work from a lovely place

If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us, it’s the importance of having at one’s disposal a pleasant place to spend time and also to work. The increase in remote working is another good reason to buy a second home in a beautiful place so that you can continue your daily and work routine while also being surrounded by beauty.

You can get rental income

If your potential second home is based in a beautiful and touristy area, you may be able to use your new house to get extra income as well. If you won’t be spending all year there, you might as well rent it to tourists and get a profit from it.

You will own a beautiful place for your retirement

Lastly, owning a second home abroad and in a wonderful place might also be a really good idea for people who don’t want to spend their retirement years in the same city they have lived their entire lives. If this is your case, you should consider buying you second home in a place where, in the future, you might like to live permanently.


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