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What Makes G Shock Watches So Special?

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We all love shopping but sometimes it becomes a bit difficult to find what you need. It becomes painful when you don’t know much about the product that you want to buy. In the case of watches, this is more struggling as you have to look for specific features. You can buy a quality watch from the best online watch store. But what if you need a watch that can serve you as a real tool?

That’s the exact thought that watchmakers has realized a long time ago. They know that people need rugged watches that can help them in outdoor activities. Today, almost every watch manufacturer has its own watch line of sturdy pieces. But when it comes to handling roughness and excessive wear and tear, no model is better than Casio-G shock.

The G-shock watches are best in the business for a number of reasons. Plus, you can easily buy one from an online Casio-G shock sale. Here are the reasons why G-shock watches are so special and why you should buy them. But before that, a few words about its history.

History of Casio-G shock

The story of G-shock watches leads back to Mr. Ibe, a Casio engineer. Casio has always been a big name in the watch industry but Mr. Ibe wanted to create something special. He wanted to design a watch that can impress the world with its build and strength. He remained committed to his ambition and only 200 handmade samples later, Eureka!

He was able to manufacture a perfect watch that can handle the shock and resist water. The G-shock watches follow the ‘Triple 10’ concept, giving birth to a watch that never breaks. The Triple 10 design lead to a watch that can offer 10 bar water resistance, survive 10m free-fall and offer 10 years of battery life.

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Features That Make G-Shock Watches Special

Over the years, G-Shock watches have become the definition of sturdy build and ruggedness. These watches have managed to surprise us with their durability and toughness. These are the qualities that make it special and anyone who owns a G-shock model will testify it.

Here are the three main features that set G-shock watches apart from other models.

  1. Sturdiness

The G-Shock watches were specifically designed keeping in mind the outdoor activities and challenges. They were created to meet the military needs and harsh conditions of the battlefield. Fundamental features of Casio G-shock watches include resistance to water, low-temperature, vibration, gravity, and electrical shock.

  1. Various Styles

The variation in style is another reason why G-Shock watches are so popular. People love the idea of having a durable, stylish watch around the wrist. These sturdy watches are available in analog, digital, and both. You can get a G-shock watch in rectangular, round, or hexagonal design.

  1. Connection to Everyday Life

As we mentioned earlier, the G-shock watches were designed for military use. However, modern models have connections to vital aspects of everyday life. Casio G-shock watches come with features like auto-calendar and stopwatch. The company has also released editions to honor public figures, organizations, athletes, and artists.

  1. Affordable Prices

One might fall into the misconception that G-Shock watches are expensive because of their ruggedness. However, the price of basic models are as low as £30 (around $40). The latest G-Shock models come with advanced features like Bluetooth connection, digital compass, Triple Sensor and GPS. Of course, such watches come at a higher price, but still they worth every penny.

Bottom Line

Overall, Casio G-shock watches are durable, sturdy, and stylish timepieces. These are designed for hard-use professional applications, such as scuba diving, military and law enforcement. For a person with a demanding outdoor lifestyle, a G-shock watch is a perfect choice.

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