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What Size of Ceiling Fan do I need?

Buying an air conditioner is quite a costly pleasure, and the cost of electricity will be high. In order not to languish in the summer heat and stay in a comfortable cool room, we recommend buying a ceiling fan. And to make the savings more substantial, you can install the ceiling fan yourself.

Ceiling axial fans are associated, rather, with government premises – dining rooms, a lobby in a holiday or weekend somewhere in India. But in principle, they relate to domestic fans and can be installed in any room in the house. The ceiling fan is most often a ceiling fan chandelier with blades. Thus, the ceiling fan blade is installed on the ceiling, when you turn on the blades begin to rotate, thereby stirring the air as if, thus the room is cooled.

Advantage of the ceiling fans

The advantage of the ceiling fan is the uniformity of airflow and the absence of danger, which will blow you as a result of its operation. Ceiling fans have longer blades and powerful motors, they are more efficient, and, beneficially, are not cheap. The best ceiling fan manufacturers claim that this is a real alternative to air conditioning, but without refrigerant and without filters that need to be replaced, and consuming much less electricity. Let me doubt: the air conditioners cool the air, but they can also work for heating, the air conditioner can lower the air temperature by 10, 15 and even 20 degrees, and the fans create a feeling of a lower temperature.

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The operation of the ceiling fan is based on the same principle as that of a conventional one. The air that is in the room mixes and moves at a given speed in space. It is worth noting that, despite such manipulations, the temperature in the room remains unchanged. This is a huge plus when compared with air conditioning because the risk of catching a cold is reduced. It is safe to say that the ceiling fan is safer in contrast to its counterpart – air conditioning.

What size of the fan is great for me?

Now let’s talk about our main topic that is what size of a ceiling fan do you need? So we start from basics, you know that if it seems there is nothing, the air present there. Similarly, no matter how big or small your room is, the air will always be present there and when we turn on the fan, its blade starts to stir the air and air flows like a tornado and then the accelerated particles in the air being thrown towards the floor and walls.

So air need space to move properly in a direction after being thrown by the fan and if the fan is big compared to a small room, the air thrown by it will mess up lightweight things in the room and you will feel the pressure of the gust which no one wants in his house. Every person wants a calming air which will give you smooth not a heavy gust. So, if you have a small room than standard size of the fan is good but if you have a big room then you undoubtedly goes for a much bigger size fan. And if you want to install a fan in a hallway then you might need more than one. So the size of the fan depends on the place where they need to be installed.

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