Why Figma is Best UI and UX Design Tool

Figma is a tool available for your digital project. It is a cloud-based design tool. Users can do work on their projects with ease and anywhere. It is much like a prototyping tool, but it stands out of other prototyping options as it provides the flexibility to work as a team on your digital projects whether you see Figma templates or plugins that empowers it with unique features.

It is the UI (User interface) and UX (User Experience) design tool. You can create your websites, applications, and other small user interface mechanisms that you may need to integrate into any other projects. Figma is the most suitable and convenient option available as a design tool.

Figma application empowers the teams to work together and create a better design from initial start to finish. Figma is loaded with lots of design features and inventions such as Arc tool & Vector networks. Figma is simply a vector-based design tool that interacts from the cloud, enables its users to make design, collaborate, test the systems from anywhere in the world from a browser.

The big giants are also users of Figma tools such as Twitter, Dropbox, Zoom etc. These users are alone proof that this design tool is very powerful to empower any project in the world.

Use of Figma in Team

This super solid tool is available even with a free plan. Anyone working in this digital era on any digital project should at least give it a try once. Even this tool has always been appreciated by people who are working as collaborative teams. The other design tools do not have this feature and one can work with that tool.


Figma is a highly scalable tool that not only works for individual projects but the big teams working on the same project. It is very smart that if you go out of the internet, it will save your project design in the cloud whatever work was going and even when you go and close your work. Whether you need to work for wireframing, mobile UI designs, applications, website designing, you just need to select the best Figma Templates and plugins.

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Key Features:

  • The tool used as pen lets you draw omnidirectional along with instant arc designs.
  • Fonts are open type
  • If you need to repeat elements, this can be automated with the plugins.
  • A smart selection for auto adjustments for the organizing and arrangements.
  • Library to drag and drop accessibility.
  • An export feature along with the live link.
  • Design exchanges and mobile optimization.
  • Smart animations for coordination between objects and transitions.
  • Working together as a team in real-time.
  • Sore and search everything in one location.
  • Single platform for design to prototype.


Figma is available for free as well as paid plans. Paid offers some premium features, and you may need it depending on your work.

Starter Plan (Free): You can execute three projects with unlimited cloud storage. Only 2 editors are allowed.

Professional Plan ($15/month per editor): It offers unlimited projects and shareable team libraries.

Organization Plan ($45/month per editor): it offers every feature like wide design system, private plugins, administration, sharing of fonts, and much more along with advance security.

If you go for annual plan, you will be offered some discounts and even has an offer for student pricing.

The Bottom Line:

So, if you need a cloud based tool that emmmphasizes collaboration, then Figma is the most convenient and right tool for you. It works with all platforms. It has a rock hard reputation among the developers and designers working ion digital space.

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