Why Is the Mind Body Connection So Important

Holistic approaches to well-being center around the fundamental connection between mind and body. Identifying the origins of wellness can be a chicken-or-egg dilemma, but it is important to recognize how mental states can support or undermine physical states. Find out how riding a beach cruiser, which is the most comfortable bike, can help to restore balance between your mental and physical states.

Your Mindset Impacts Your Physical State

Just as your thoughts influence your actions, your frame of mind can directly impact your state of physical wellbeing. Stress, for example, has a negative effect on bodily health. Thought patterns can manifest as physical symptoms such as aches and pains, indigestion and muscle tension. These effects continue during waking and sleeping hours, making exercise one of the best ways to counteract the cumulative effects of mental patterns.

The ability to channel and connect with your emotions through physical activity can have manifold benefits for both your mind and body. Individuals who work towards forging stronger mind body connections through any form of exercise or practices such as meditation, mindfulness and yoga may be able to maintain a more even mood and regulate other bodily systems such as appetite, metabolism and sleep.

Physical Activity May Have Mental Rewards

When you exercise for a prolonged period of time, your brain floods with dopamine and endorphins. These organic chemicals are associated with feelings of happiness and wellbeing. Other changes in the brain in response to physical activities stimulate brain growth factors while reducing inflammation and insulin resistance. Most studies find that at least 30 minutes of continuous, moderate-intensity exercise, such as riding the best lightweight bikes, is sufficient to provide mood-enhancing effects.

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More recent research indicates that exercise also supports healthy brain function and memory. The general recommendation for physical activity to support brain health includes at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity or a combination of moderate and vigorous activity every week. Cycling can meet these requirements and is easy to supplement with strength training for major muscle groups.

Exercise Can Bring Mind and Body Into Balance

Whether you prefer to ride a bike or perform any other form of physical activity, doing aerobic and strengthening exercises on a regular basis has the potential to strengthen your mind body connection. Cycling is a great activity for recreational or fitness purposes, and it is not difficult to integrate rides into your schedule and lifestyle for transportation purposes as well as in the form of an outdoor activity.

A beach cruiser can be an ideal mode of transportation for going on casual rides in urban environments or on paved or packed surfaces in less-populated areas. A cruiser model that has multiple speeds or a hybrid bike can make it easier to reach to new heights and gain greater perspective. No matter which type of bike you ride or the approach you choose to take to strengthen the connection between your mind and body, engaging in outdoor physical activity is one of the best ways to support overall well-being.

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