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Why Marketing Campaign Automation Should Be a Part of Ecommerce Marketing

Electronic commerce or E-Commerce is the act of buying and selling goods online. This can take part through different platforms including live chat, websites, mobile apps, and emails. E-Commerce is an integral part of modern-day digital marketing and automation can prove to be beneficial in many ways.

Importance of Marketing Campaigns’ Automation in E-Commerce



Increased Sales without Expanding Staff

Automating the campaigns does not mean that you won’t need mfg staffing or related services for recruitment. However, you will not need as many employees either to run the same repetitive campaigns at different times. The tools that you employ for this purpose do it for you. This means that you get to increase your sales while also keeping your staff to the same count. Hence, saving cost and making more profit. A perfect example of a win-win situation.

Increased Reach

It becomes easy for a business to approach an increased number of audiences. No one can deny the fact that marketing channels are growing at a fast pace. The channels currently available include email, SEO, SMS, and social media. If someone decides to create separate campaigns for these channels, it will consume a lot of time. 

Automation helps businesses to reach a large number of people by creating campaigns for all these channels in less time. This Omnichannel strategy implies that you get to reach the right people at the right place and time. You cannot ignore any of the given channels as that would affect your results. Eliminating any channel means reducing reach and that is not what you want. 

Marketing automation also means that visitors’ behavior gets monitored. Content and ads then get personalized based on their preference for channels. This also asks of the businesses to have strong CRM software. The integration of CRM with marketing and sales helps to ensure that you get accurate customer insights. Hence taking better decisions. 

Improved Lead Generation

Generating leads is crucial for E-commerce businesses. Converting those leads is even more important. Because what good is a business if it cannot increase the number of customers with passing time. Investing in an automation system means that you can reach your leads in a way that they prefer. This way there are more chances of them converting into a loyal customer. 

Capturing Every Conversion Opportunity

Keep the ‘abandoned carts’ exception aside. Other than that, opting for email marketing automation means that businesses can rescue many lost conversions whether they are on a small scale or large. Do not just think of your customers as a whole. Dig deeper and try to connect to them on an individual level. It is not possible to do so manually. Hence, the suggestion of automating. 

For example, noticing a repetitive behavior in a customer’s purchasing behavior after a set interval means you can send an automated email to that customer whenever that time of the year is near. This will give the impression that someone cares. Such reminders are a good source of recurring sales. Apart from that, they make for great customer experience as well. 

Deliver Consistent Brand Experience

Automating also means that customers get a consistent shopping experience and brand messaging. One of the main reasons behind this consistency is the ability of businesses to personalize recommendations. These recommendations come from customers’ preferences based on their past shopping behavior. Businesses also learn about the preferred channels and browsed items by individual customers. 

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All this collected data helps companies to provide a more customized shopping experience to the target audience and existing customers. 

Improved Analytics

The analysis becomes automated as well. Thus, making it easy to extract every detail without any errors. Reporting becomes far easier with the automation of marketing campaigns. Businesses can then make a well-informed decision as to which channels are performing well, which ad needs to stop and which target audience is not the best fit. Tracking results and costs are not difficult with automation. 

Save Time

As mentioned earlier as well, automation saves time. Companies can invest the time saved elsewhere. When companies learn about the market, audience, and ads doing well, they can invest more time and money on them. And ignore the rest. Thus, saving money as well. Marketing automation helps in reducing the workload apart from taking well-informed and accurate decisions. 

Improved Customer Experience

Sending behaviorally triggered emails and setting such campaigns for the customers translates to improved customer experience. When a customer receives an email or sees an ad that reflects his personality and buying behavior, he relates to it at another level. And things that a person can relate to well are more likely to drive his interest. Thus, earning the business a loyal customer. 

Therefore, automate your E-Commerce marketing campaigns for a more customized shopping experience for your customers. You do not want to end up showing a mortgage recruiter ad to a fashion stylist. Do you? Automation helps you to define your audience based on their interests. Hence, saving you the money that you would have otherwise spent on channels and audiences that do not matter.

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