Why One Needs to Go for A Liver Transplant Surgery?

Liver transplant is a complicated surgical procedure which is done to remove the damaged liver portion from the body which has not been functioning well. This one is replaced by a healthy liver from a deceased donor or a part of healthy liver from the living donor.

The liver transplant surgery cost in India is very expensive because this is not a simple procedure at all. It is the largest internal organ in a human body and one must keep the liver healthy and working because they perform some very critical functions in the body. They are:

  • Making proteins that help the blood clot
  • Processing nutrients, medications and hormones.
  • Preventing infection and regulating immune responses
  • Producing bile, which helps the body absorb fats, cholesterol and fat soluble vitamins.
  • Removing bacteria and toxins from the blood

One must know that liver transplantation is not a regular surgery and this is a kind of treatment which is mainly considered when one is facing some severe issues and health complications because of a chronic liver disease. This surgery can also be considered when one faces a sudden failure of a functioning and a perfectly healthy liver.

There is an option for one to go for a full liver transplantation but as per medical routines, the number of liver donors is far lesser than the number of people waiting for the surgery. So, it is also a sustainable option that to take help from a living donor and undergo for the process of partial liver transplant surgery. This is a good possibility because in most cases livers have the capability of regenerating itself and they will return to its normal size very soon once the surgical removal is done.

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This living donor liver transplant is done when one is suffering from a disease like liver cirrhosis. Liver transplant can also be a treatment option for those who are suffering from particular liver failure and their condition cannot be controlled with any other form of treatments. This procedure can be done on patients who are suffering from liver cancer as well.

Liver failure can happen very quickly or they can take long time. If they happen real quickly then it takes only a few weeks to get into acute liver failure. It is a very rare condition though and can happen if one is under some heavy and complicated medications. There can also be chronic liver failure. It can happen when there are cases of liver cirrhosis. Here, the scar tissues mostly replace the regular and normal liver tissues and stop the liver from functioning normally. Hence one needs a proper liver transplantation so that it can start functioning normally again.

Here are some major reasons for liver cirrhosis:

  • Hepatitis B and C.
  • Alcoholic liver disease, which can cause damage to the liver due to excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease where fat builds up in the liver, causing inflammation or liver cell damage.

One can take help of the best liver transplantation in India to undergo the complicated surgery.

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