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Why OpenCart Development is Good for ecommerce Website

While searching for the right platforms for eCommerce website development, you will end up getting a plethora of options. OpenCart is one of the most popular eCommerce store development platforms that the majority of app developers prefer to leverage.

As an open-source eCommerce development platform, OpenCart is blessed with numbers of features that include user-friendly, easy to set up, extensible, and lots more.

The major benefit of leveraging OpenCart for eCommerce development is that it brings the possibility of listing numbers of categories, product listings, and many more.

Besides, it also brings an endless possibility of customization and helps you make your eCommerce store accordingly to match your imagination. It is, however, important to get in touch with the reputed OpenCart development company that can customize your website according to your needs.

Before we delve into the details of why OpenCart is the right platform for eCommerce store and you make your step to hire OpenCart Development services. It’s important to explore some basics.

What is OpenCart?

Initially released in April 2010, OpenCart, coded in PHP, is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) for eCommerce website development. It supports multiple languages and currencies. As an open-source CMS, OpenCart is available as under the GNU General Public License.

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Reasons Why you should Opt for OpenCart for eCommerce Store Development

Well, you may be anxious to know why OpenCart is considered to be the right platform for eCommerce store development, though the availability of the number of other CMS platforms, right? Well, let’s discuss here several advantages of OpenCart over its rivals.

Why OpenCart Development is Good for ecommerce Website

Customization Option

As mentioned above, OpenCart brings endless possibilities of customization. It includes fully-functional and top-notch themes, which help your OpenCart development services provider, invigorate the appearance of your eCommerce store according to your own way.

Responsive navigation

An OpenCart development company enjoys the liberty of adding responsive navigation, which not only refines the beauty of your eCommerce store but also makes it user-friendly. Adding a responsive navigation to your eCommerce website also makes a great impact, especially when users browse your eCommerce store on mobile devices.

Developers grab an opportunity to download the JavaScript library and then add it to the stylesheet of their OpenCart installation. It causes your menu to shrink to a mobile hamburger-style menu at the right breakpoints.

Create Customized Product Pages

If you have a particular type of layout for your store’s product page, OpenCart developers find it quite easier to modify your product.tpl files to, in order to customize the layouts.

Custom Module Creation

The biggest advantage of adding module to an OpenCart installation is that an OpenCart development company will be able to extend the functionality of your website even without doing editing works.

With OpenCart, you will get approximately 15,000 modules to choose from. And if you are looking for custom module creation, you should hire an OpenCart website development agency that possesses a great proficiency in leveraging MVC architecture to create a custom module.

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Animations are the most popular ways to invigorate the user interface of your eCommerce app and thus easily attract users’ attention at the first glimpse. These are also helpful in guiding users to complete certain actions. OpenCart developers can easily add animations with JavaScript or CSS3, to your default style.

Customized Sliding Banners

With OpenCart, developers make it possible to create customized sliding banners that are appropriate to promote the product to increase their sales. OpenCart developers find it quite easier to create a wide range of banners for different modules to match the specific requirements of their clients.

OpenCart Site Conversion into Native iOS or Android App

Leveraging an OpenCart API, developers find it quite easier to build a native version of your OpenCart website that tends to easily sync up with a wide catalog of products and also categories from your website to a mobile application that users find fast and easy to use.


With multistore, you get the liberty to manage your numbers of online stores even using the same dashboard. Meanwhile, it’s not good from an SEO point of view. The main reason is that you will find it quite difficult to improve the online ranking of your subdomains as search engines recognize them as a separate website.

However, OpenCart developers can easily overcome these issues by creating a subfolder model.

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