WorldStocks Review – Trade ETFs For Less Risk and Higher Profits

There is a rush of trading platforms in the internet world, and in this rush, it is difficult to pick the right platform for investment. I will assist in finding a reliable place where you can invest money to earn a big return. I have done extensive research to find which broker is reliable and also about the worth of the trading platform. I single out the WorldStocks out of dozens of leading brokerage firms.

Brief Intro of WorldStocks

Regulated with legal bodies, WorldStocks is a multi-asset broker serving traders across the world. The professional customer support makes it more stunning and charming for trading lovers. It is an equally useful trading platform for both professional and new babies.

When you land on the website after typing in the search box, the support agent is active with the live chatbox. The purpose is to provide quick response to visitors and give quick answers to their questions. There are striking features that are behind the good reputation of the broker including various account plans and top trading platforms in the market.

ETF Trading

ETF trading gives you an opportunity to invest in assets comprised of further entities. One particular asset in ETF trading is a collection of assets that may belong to the same platform or from different trading platforms. Those who do have time to stabilize their portfolios can go for ETF trading.

If you do not have an ETF account and want to create one then there is no worry as the procedure is very simple comprised of three steps. First, you will contact your agent and ask him to create an ETF account. Once the account is opened, you then feed your created account. In the second step, you will click on “Trade Now” under ETF after navigating into the main menu. Finally, you can start trading after picking your favorite bundles. The ETFs are created by the financial scientists of the WorldStocks. Due to charming profitable packages, you should try the ETFs listed on the platform.

Option of Algo Trading

People who want to start trading as an additional source of income can opt for the automated mode of trading by joining the Algo trading. To activate the automated trader, you need to transfer control to the automated software after adding funds into the account. The software will operate automatically and will enter into markets at the perfect time. It will also close trades when it is needed, thus making a high return in the absence of trader. This option is recommended for beginners and for those who do not have time to do manual trading. To open your Algo trading account, you are required to contact the agent and ask him to open an account for automated trading. The advantages of Algo trading over manual trading include endurance, rapidity, rationality, and Precision.

WorldStocks Account Types

An account is a mandatory thing on any trading platform, which gives a perfect gateway for a wide list of instruments. You will also need an investment plan, having multiple characteristics that suit your needs and requirements. WorldStocks is offering 5 best investment plans to its customers belonging from any part of the world.

Essentials Account

Essentials is the first account or introductory account on the site especially made for beginners having basic facilities. Leverage is an option that enables you to use more capital than your real amount. On the broker, you can bet fifty times more than your invested money. The lot size starts from 0.01 while spreads initiate from 3.0 pips. The company will give insights about trading via the morning brief.

Micro Account

If you want to choose a bigger plan, you will then need to open the Micro account. The minimum deposit limit fixed for this investment plan is $1,000. The leverage is 1.75, which means that you can invest more than your original amount by 75 times. The spreads are tight, which are positioned at 2.5 pips.

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Standard Account

It is the most popular account on the brokerage firm which can be opened for $5,000. The Standard account is the most suitable investment plan for traders and investors with optimum functionalities. The major feature of the Standard account is its leverage availability up to 1:100 while spreads are offered from 2.0 pips. Besides morning brief, you can also get an advantage from trading signal access, dedicated CSM, free VPS, and premium trading education. The company recommends this account for traders.

Premium Account

Next to the Standard account, there is a premium account that has extraordinary trading features and facilities. Before opening this account, make sure that you have enough capital to invest in trading objects. Along with morning brief and trading signal access, the MT4 indicator is present at your doorstep for guidance. $40,000 must be needed to open the Premium account.

Premium Pro

Premium Pro dissects into two important words: Premium and Pro. The account is premium and it is made for Pro users. You will have to feed your account with $200,000 in order to open the Premium Pro account. The features of Premium Pro include leverage up to 1:150, lot size from 0.01, spreads from 1.1 pips, morning brief, trading signal access, MT4 indicator, dedicated CSM, free VPS, premium trading education, exclusive events, and quarterly analyst sessions. This account is recommended for the premium users who want to invest in big amount.

Trading Platforms

Traders expect an easy to use and fast-tracking trading platform for the trading process. So, it is the duty of a broker to equip customers with a top-notch trading platform and also takes care of traders during their exposure to the site. To serve people on their devices, the company is providing famous trading platforms both for mobile phones and desktops.

WorldStocks is come up with a top trading platform called Meta Trader 4 or MT4. MT4 is known for its high-quality advanced tools and indicators to track and evaluate data. The platform is versatile and is available for windows, android, and iOS users. Meta Trader 4 has served thousands of traders across the world and this strong trust with users is due to remarkable features including advanced charting, fully customizable, 50 different technical analysis indicators, multi-language support, multiple-device compatibility, automated trading capabilities, intuitive user interface, and fast response facility. On the website, you will also learn step by step about how to install the application on your device.

Professional and Experienced Staff

The staff of WorldStocks is highly professional and experienced serving the trading community for years. From support to the development of the website, everything is high class because the team of the broker is dedicated and is making every effort to make the company unique and popular than its competitors. The developers of WorldStocks make their effort best to satisfy all needs and requirements of the platform. The support team is always ready to respond to customers’ queries and issues. The company has also hired financial experts having experience of years in making strong portfolios.

Trading Instruments

If you are a true lover of trading forex, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and stocks, then the WorldStocks broker is perfect for you. The broker has all of these trading instruments available on its trading platform. It gives you an open hand to choose an asset for your trading purpose out of more than 200 assets available on the platform. The availability of such a huge list of assets makes it convenient for you. The major benefit of trading with the WordStocks broker is that you can trade with these assets under the ideal trading conditions provided by the broker.

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Here is the detailed list of these trading instruments.


In recent times, cryptocurrency trading has become the main subject of attention for traders and most of them have made a shift towards crypto trading. The WorldStokcs broker has therefore added the option of crypto trading on its platform as well to accommodate the lovers of crypto. If you are trading with WorldStock, then you are allowed to trade top cryptocurrencies with your CFD account. Trading with a CFD account is beneficial for you as you can easily speculate whether your selected crypto asset is going to rise or fall in the near future.

Another advantage you can get while trading your crypto assets with the WorldStocks broker is that you do not have to follow a series of complex steps of purchasing assets with cryptocurrency exchanges.


Stock trading is not a new investment industry for trading because it is there for a number of years. Investors bet on the future of the companies by buying their stocks. There are many stories of the people who became millionaires after investing in the companies when their stocks were at their low prices. But, now, these companies are holding billions in capital. Join WorldStocks today and use the money on your favorite stocks. The CFD trading is also active for stocks on the broker, and multiple advanced trading tools can assist you in this regard.


Commodities can be proved as a useful addition to your portfolio, and most of the time result in a high profit. The most common commodities include Gold, Silver, and Oil but other useful commodities are also present on the site such as Corn, Cotton, Coffee, and Lumber. You can earn a high return when the price of commodities goes down or goes up, but the important thing is the right time entry into the market.


Forex market is the largest online trading market where the daily trading volume normally reaches five trillion. Moreover, in the forex exchange market, you will confront hundreds of currency pairs for trading. If you want to fill your bank account with a pile of money, you need to learn the skill of when to enter or leave the forex market. Secondly, you must also learn to pinpoint winning forex pairs of the day. On WorldStocks, the financial experts are present at your doorstep to help you in making the right decisions at the right time.

How to Deposit?

From the entrance of a user to get unlimited profit, there is simple and easy to navigate the process. The deposit procedure is comprised of two to three simple steps. On the site, the plus points along with negative aspects of payments are clearly mentioned, such as acceptable currencies, minimum account, duration, applicable fees. Wire or bank transfer is a risk-free method and does not burden an individual as a bank transfer is free of cost. It takes almost 2-3 business working days for the bank transfer to complete, and the minimum limit for deposit is fixed at 1,000. Debit or credit card is another method to feed your account with balance and it is the fastest method as compared to wire transfer.

How to Withdraw?

Traders always strive to find a place where they can process trades, deposits, and withdrawals with full ease and comfort. To relax their users from the mental burden, WorldStocks enable them to withdraw their funds quickly. The broker has listed four different methods for withdrawals including bank transfer, credit or debit card, Bitcoin, through online payment processor Neteller. Moreover, in order to request for withdrawal, you just need to comply with three conditions: anti-money laundering compliance, matches the minimum withdrawal limit, and the request for withdrawal should be submitted from the trader’s account.

For withdrawals, all four methods charge fees separately and take different processing times. The fee via bank transfer deducts 50 USD, EUR, GBP from your funds while the company charges 25 USD, GBP, or EUR in case of withdrawal via credit card. The Neteller method charges similarly to card transfers, and for withdrawal in BTC, further taxes and charges apply.

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Privacy is Priority

Privacy has become first priority for every individual in this global world. Keeping this in the mind, the company has also focused its priority towards users’ privacy. No data is shared with any third party and information is kept under the secure multi-layers of advanced algorithm. The advanced technology of the platform makes every hacking attack unsuccessful. If you have any question about the privacy, you can ask from the support agent of broker.

Fee Structure

Before making official engagement with any broker, traders want to know about the fee and commission about that broker. If they find it expensive, they change their mind and go to another one charging comparatively low fees. WorldStocks makes you wonder as they charge minimum fees out of all brokerage firms. When you navigate to the page of accounts, you will find that every account type charges no fees at all. It means that you will not have to pay for the broker’s services and will execute winning trades under no pressure of high fees. There are no fees when you deposit money to your wallet on the platform. However, at the time of withdrawal, you will have to pay fees that are mentioned on the website. You can check the fee structure of withdrawal funds from different payment methods by going into the “How to Withdraw?” section of the platform.

Is WorldStocks a Legit Broker?

The legitimacy of a company can be found by knowing about the experience of active or previous users. Based on the comments of the users, we are able to say that it is a legit platform both for beginners as well as professionals. The users’ healthy relationship with the company tells us about the reliability of the company.

Moreover, the broker has also complied with the prominent regulatory bodies. Due to its compliance with the regulatory authorities, the users will not need to worry about their funds. In case of any misunderstanding between the company and customers, the legal body will solve the problems. To ensure safety against any kind of fraudulent activity or anti-money laundering action, it will demand documents for compliance. In order to verify your account, you will have to submit the photos of the valid passport and ID card. For address verification, they will demand any of three documents: utility bill, landline bill, or bank statement.

Customer Support

The customer support section of the WorldStocks remains functional 24 hours a day. The support team is comprised of professional persons who are gurus in giving support services. They not only solve the customers’ problems but also give a comprehensive guide in their trading journey on the brokerage firm. The platform has listed many options to contact the team behind it regarding any type of issue. These options include support email, phone number, and complaint form.

No one in the industry is offering the option of complaint submission form except WorldStocks. To submit your complaint, you will follow the directions given by the company and will submit the necessary information. To fill out the form, you are required to provide your name, your account number, and the email used at the time of registration. The phone number is given as follows: +35 956 598 706 while the email is given as [email protected]


If we take an overall survey of WorldStocks, we come to know it is best in all aspects. The customer care of the company is exceptional as it has a team of professional customer support agents. The accounts are available which satisfy all your needs from the creation of portfolio to the withdrawal of funds into your bank account.

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