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Youtube Alternative Sites For Sharing, Uploading and Watching Videos Online

With so many websites on the internet, it can be quite difficult to find a site that caters specifically to your search for a new Place To stream And Share Videos Online. This is why you should look into the various YouTube Alternative Sites to see how you can utilize their many functions and Enjoy Amazing Movies On these Platform.

Youtube Alternative

YouTube is a very popular online video-sharing platform all over the world. You can create your profile, and you can share videos, view videos, and leave comments on videos. We can say that YouTube channels to make money. it is a way of sharing your videos. YouTube channels contain everything from home videos to every language movies and song and motivational videos, cooking, and study-related contains also.

Best Youtube Alternative Sites For Sharing, Uploading and Watching Videos Online

Now, people are searching for the best YouTube alternatives, because they want some variety in content so Let Get Down To the List.


If you are more of a music video lover kind of viewer than this streaming website is meant only for you. Vevo is a platform for each and everyone, who loves creating, uploading and viewing musical videos. This will for sure, become your go-to website. The best part about this website is, that it has a huge warehouse full of music videos. Literally, you can get any music video with just one click. All you need to do is, visit this web site’s homepage and here you are! You can watch all kinds of music videos here in almost every language.

The content creators of this website are amazing, they have some real fun and pleasure for the viewers, who love music videos. Watching videos on this website is a treat to your eyes and food to your music video’s appetite. It is a treasure for those who want to enjoy such a genre of videos endlessly.

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Vimeo app provides few streaming services. App allows for content creators to upload videos of any length. Vimeo has partnered with some studios and producers to release high-quality content, which is available to browse for free. Here Vimeo does not cap the length of the videos. The site restricts the amount of data you can upload every week and this is depending on your plan that you choose.

Vimeo does not offer to earn money, but they give a “tip jar” button below the videos. Finally, with the free basic plan, users can upload videos up to 500 MB of each week and 10 videos per day. The plus plan costs $9.95 per month and allows 5GB of each week and the option to display 1080P HD the basics videos.

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Daily Motion

This is a video sharing website, which originated in France. It is much like YouTube as it is about video streaming, along with the Daily Motion’s original matters and content which is created under the banner of this website i.e. Daily Motion studios. It includes fewer rules and regulations for upload videos and deleting the content if compared with YouTube. You will get some High quality and professional kind of videos if you are live streaming in Daily Motion.


Veoh users can find various mixture of user-upload content and studio content. It is one of many video sites like YouTube. This site contains millions of short videos, TV Shows, Movies and anime. Some features are available only available in the united states, such as the studios -produced TV Shows from major networks. Otherwise user-generated content is available in another region. We can also start uploading videos for free of cost.

Veoh does not limit how many videos you are uploading it depends on their length. It also provides a streamlined interface for browsing the site and sharing content. Many users also taking advantage of the social features, this makes easier to distribute videos to your friends and the Veoh Community also.

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DTube uses blockchain technology to create a decentralized video database. Users can start uploading videos for free, which is easy thanks to the simple user interface.

The website promises to resist censorship, providing users with a safe place to share all types of content without worrying about getting banned due to their personal opinions. It is also an ad-free platform, which limits your ability to earn any money from the videos that you upload.

There are currently no restrictions on file sizes or video durations. You are simply limited by the bandwidth of your internet service.


Crackle is a video streaming service owned by Sony. The site hosts dozens of TV shows of the past and present, including several original series produced exclusively for Crackle. Users can watch content for free or create an account to create a watchlist.

While Crackle does not allow users to upload videos, it is still a popular streaming site. The Crackle app is available on most streaming devices, mobile devices, and gaming systems.


Metacafe offers users a simple platform for uploading and browsing content. The company focuses on short-form content, such as reviews, music videos, and news clips. Users tend to favor short, funny videos.

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Joining and uploading videos is free. Most videos on Metacafe are 90-seconds to 180-seconds long. To ensure that users create short videos, the file size limit is 100MB. The files also cannot contain nudity.

Videos are not automatically added to Metacafe. After uploading, a community of over 80,000 volunteers watch the video and decide whether to add it to the public Metacafe channels.

The Internet Archive: Video Section

The next YouTube alternative you should try is The Internet Archive. It stores a vast library of movies such as documentaries, movies, or TV shows. To make your search easier, you can sort the content by year, subject, and topic.

You can even find videos that you can’t find on YouTube or any other platforms because of copyright or other policies. The Internet Archive also allows you to contribute to the archive by uploading your video content for free.

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This one is most likely for YouTube TV alternative. If you can’t find your favorite series, shows, or TV channel on Youtube TV, Hulu will gladly take you in.
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Hulu used to be free, but now it only provides a subscription service for the viewers. But you can start the free trial for seven days to enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, or originals without any ads. You can also watch your favorite TV channels live. The sad news here is that Hulu currently offers the platform in the U.S. only.


If you’re a fan of short videos for entertainment, then there’s no better place than 9Gag. Most of Twitter or Facebook users are already familiar with this site. It provides you with short videos, GIFs, memes, and images — mostly for pure entertainment purposes.

It allows admins to decide whether to share it on the site. There is no monetization. All content becomes the property of 9GAG. In the end, this is a fun site to browse, as it hosts some of the most-shared internet memes.

This was initially started as a mere concept, but gradually it gained much acceptance and popularity by a plethora of viewers and users. This platform is one of the favorite options for content creators. Twitch allows them to showcase their talents and creativity and gain popularity and appreciation.

It is a platform which is a blessing for the gamers, because it has a strict and unique rule, that only gaming content will be uploaded. It is a website loaded with some of the best, entertaining and amazing games of all time. This is not meant for any other kind of content lovers but, it is a paradise for the content of gaming and gamers.

Final Thought

YouTube offers a nice variety of contents. But people are craving for something new and unique. They are looking forward too many YouTube alternatives. If you’re searching desperately for the best video streaming sites as YouTube alternative, our recommendations have been given above, so let us know which one are you going to switch over to shortly.


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